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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 19 - Me, Pooh and a little dog too

Want a perfect cure for what ails ya? Start with a big pink bike and attach one wicker basket, throw in a camera, Pooh and his uncarved block, add to the basket one little dog, blend in a perfect Florida day, then mix well with a bit of Van Morrison.  There you have it. I started my day way to early, felling way to bad and I now rest comfortably in my Teflon coated happy bubble. Life is good.

Today I'm grateful for:

calling out sick. Only the 2nd time in 2 years. Hey, I WAS sick at 6:30 this morning but since then I've taken two little pink pills and a nap. I managed to remote into work and get ALL of my e-filing done AND got a bike ride in. Now THAT's the way to use a sick day properly.

The perfect Florida day. OMD is it amazing! The sky is a brilliant blue and clear, the temp is 65°, only a hint of a breeze. I have the windows open, I'm barefoot and I'm in shorts. This is paradise.

my happy bubble. It's been a long time since I've rested so comfortably in my little happy bubble. Given the mood I was in when I left work yesterday I'm rather astonished to find myself here. *shrugs* Guess there is SOME redeeming value to being Bi-Polar. Hope I get to stay here awhile.

rides with the big pink bike. It's been far to long. This last cold snap was brutal but today made up for it. I threw my camera and "The Tao of Pooh" into the spiffy wicker basket Kelly bought for Roxie, harnessed up the little dog and out into the brilliant blue we rode. We rode 2 miles to the "good" pond. There we tapped into the flow with Pooh, took a few photos, splashed in some smelly water and enjoyed the day. Roy rode part way home in his basket sitting up and surveying his territory. I could almost hear him say "Dat's right, make way for Roy da Boy!" "Woof"

a good shooting day. It must have been the light. I got some amazing photos today. I didn't delete one. Even the few that are out of focus I can't bare to part with. Best shots I've taken since Day 1.

being happy. I hope for 2 things. 1) I get to stay this happy for awhile and 2) I don't get too preachy. Hey, at least I'm aware of my faults. When I am in my happy bubble, I get a little high and mighty. What can I say, I'm a work in progress. I'm still working on that whole "grace and humility" thing. For now, I just want to be happy I'm happy.

that feeling I get, after a long ride, as I round the corner off of Willow Green and onto my street. When I can just see Sally's red glow in the distance. My iPod is playing softly in my ear and I can feel the "click, click, click" of Roxie's gears. Having seen home something in me inhales deeply, like a breath of the soul. I don't know how else to describe it. I see home and though I've only been gone a short time, I am EXCITED to return. That feeling deep within me is what allowed me the freedom to leave in the first place. It's how I can face every morning with anticipation. I know, no matter what else the world throws at me, at the end of it, I get to return here to my slice of paradise. Yeah I know, it's a little preachy but what can I say. Blame it on the fumes in the happy bubble.

Wait, you need a little mood music while you look at the photos
It's freakin imposible to find Van Morrison doing this song,
but at least this is a GOOD cover

Roxie in all her Glory

Roy getting deep with Pooh

Roy in his superhero stance

Another amazing day in Paradise

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