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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 20 - My life as random

The Teflon has worn off my happy bubble. The freaks kept spitting on it, but at least I'm in it. Thanks mostly to a little dog, his 2 girlfriends, and a big pink bike.

Tonight I'm grateful for:

Music. It drowns out the freaks screaming

yellow jelly bellies. My only suggestion is you don't mix banana split w/ piƱa colada

hamster groupies. Roy has 2 little girls that just LOVE him. They squeal when we round their corner and ride around the block with us. We have to start and finish our rides with their street. He actually LOOKS for them and he puffs up and shows off for them. His chest goes out and he does silly things like run in front of Roxie's front tire. Tonight one of his groupies brought her little dog. A Pomeranian named Bennie. Roy was not amused and rather rude. I had to stuff him in his basket. He was indignant and I'm still getting the silent treatment. Oh dear, Sorry Roy!

Kelly. She's home! She is no longer my blond. It seems I now have 2 redheads, but SHE'S HOME! *booty dances*

big pink bikes. I freakin love my bike. I love to ride my bike. I love how well Roy does with the bike when he's not showing off. I ride and I'm magically transported back into my happy bubble.

Payday! I'll have money for the next 4 days. Then I'll be broke again. Oh well, such is life.

itunes. The soundtrack of my life expands.

a religious debate. I sucked at it, I got defensive and rather pissy, but what I believe was not shaken. Even by women smarter than I. That's somethin right?

God. He loves me even though I suck at justifying his existence.

*sings* Me....And my Shaaaaadow

I know that look. I've seen it on the face of a troll
He was not please with me.

Groupie #1

Groupie #2 and the "other" beast

Just thought it was pretty :)

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