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Monday, January 18, 2010

Day 18 - success

“There are a few things that Success is not…
Success is not fame, money or power
Success is waking up in the morning so excited about what you have to do that you literally FLY out of the door.
Success is getting to work with the people you love
Success is finding a way of connecting and binding them together
Success is connecting with the world
Success is falling asleep knowing you did the best you could
Success is joy, friendship and freedom
Success is LOVE”

"Fame" The movie 2009

I am successful. I wake each morning with a sense of fun and adventure. My feet hit the floor and I wonder "What's in store for today?" Not every day, but enough that I feel justified in calling my life "a life well lived" I am loved, I love back, I have a great job and a greater family. I love my God, I am open, I am fairly honest, I believe how others live is none of my business yet I'm interested if they care to share, I have a large heart, I drink only on occasion and not to excess *coughs*, I am a non-smoker, a rock star cook and a writer in my own mind, I am a noob wanna-be photographer, and entity in flux, a label confounder and I am happy. I am all of this and a bag of chips. I am a success.

For those of you who Facebook me, you saw me title today "Hamster Walkies" and perhaps your pondering how it went from "hamster walkies" to success? Well I tell you, I watched the movie "Fame". The movie was just OK but the speech at the end, the one you see above, touched me. Any time, any thing, validates your life it's a big deal. Like with the hamster. HE is a success story.

I wanted a dog very bad. Just one of the many reason was I wanted a furbuddy to go for walks with me. I LOVE to walk and I LOVE to ride and I wanted company. The very first morning I arose before dawn to walk the hamster was not a success. He was so tiny and scared. Hell, he was scared of the damn leash. Our first walk went like this (step, step, back out of the collar, run for the door, bark at the door, run from the crazy screaming lady) Repeat x5. I remember the first few days fearing a roving tween with a cell phone capturing my morning antics and posting them on YouTube. It got so bad I feared I was doing him more harm than good by trying so we gave up for a bit. We found new activities such as the hamsters production of "The rug looked at me funny" and "let's screw with Momma" and waited for him to grow.

Weeks passed and eventually, after a rather ugly Christmas Eve public meltdown, we found success! Slowly, with lots of "NO!"'s and leash snapping, we began walking and then riding. I can't believe how much the hamster has grown! Gone is his hamster on helium squeak and his ability to back out of his color. Gone is his knack for walking out of his harness and ugly public meltdowns. Puddles and piles are regularly outside, well, most of the time, OK well about half the time but we are getting better! Our little Alien Freak Hamster now walks like a big boy. Chest out, ears alert, tail wagging. His bark now sounds like a Basset hounds with his balls in a vice. That same "Woof, Woof, Howl!" only 15 octaves higher, but still a REAL bark. Yes, our Boy Roy is a success. He has become a dog. *sniff sniff* I kinda miss the hamster, but I love my little dog. ATTA BOY ROY!

Today I'm grateful for:

Walkies with a friend. When I left the house I was pissed off, annoyed, full of angst and stressed. Walking briskly in the cool air I walked the day away. Breathing heavy I follow the path of a little dog, concentrating intently on the wag of his tail the stresses of my day drop away. Looking up I see Orion’s Belt, the little dipper and a beautiful crescent moon. Just enough light in the sky to illuminate streaks of wispy clouds and the beauty of the sky opens my heart wide. At that very moment, Lilly plays me one of my favorite songs and a few gentle tears roll down my cheeks. God has orchestrated the perfect therapy for what was ailing me. Love has restored my balance.

letting it go. Why am I pissed? Really is it my place? I may not like it. In fact, I may HATE it, but I need to but out and let it go.

knowing when to keep my damn mouth shut. It's a recent development and still a struggle but when I can manage it, I'm never sorry.

a drama free zone. My house is freak free, smoke free and drama free. It restores me and puts right what the world screws up. Home is where my heart is, where adventure lies, where love resides. Home is my slice of paradise and there's no place like it. It is all that and a little dog too.

little dogs who think their pit-bulls. Until faced with the threat generated by a large blowing leaf. Then they are cheap entertainment and little puddles on the sidewalk.

feeling better. I was scared. I thought what was left of my lady bits were gonna fall out. Turns out I'm just fine. Even if I'm a bit squishy and crampy. *sighs*

the restorative power of music.

the power of water.

191.2. Not bad considering.

red mustangs in the moonlight. I still can't believe that car's really mine. I MUST be hot to drive that thing.

my man. Just cuz.

finding happy. For all of you out there saying "I just wanna be happy" I say "it's right under your nose" If your still breathing, if you have a pulse, if ate today and have a roof, if you have a job for good or for ill, if you know where your children are take a chill. You are better off than a large chunk of mankind. Stop looking for happy and just BE happy.

He still pees like a girl but at least this object no longer frightens him

I no longer have to redneck rig his harness to keep him in it
My little boy is getting big! Ok, ok, bigger...

Ha! No red eye for this guy, his are blue!
Told you he was part Alien!

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