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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day 245 - Get Over It


I had a fairly good day but I'm struggling with that whole "moment by moment" thing.  My feelings are hurt and when that happens I'm like a great white in a chum field. I bite and gnash as my eyes roll back in my head and I don't see and don't care what I eat.

This behavior is a dead end. It will not lead me where I want to go and I'm trying to turn my mood around. I have much to celebrate but my own wounded pride is robbing me. No one else is responsible for my own accomplishments. 2 years is a big damn deal and the only acknowledgment of that fact that I need is my own. I know and I'm freakin proud of myself.

Word of warning....I said I was working on it, I'm not there yet so keep out of the water.

Peace ~

Today I'm grateful for:

getting over it. I will, it's just a matter of time. *insert the theme to Jaws*

practicing humility. Since my humility lesson I don't pray for humility but Pride is one of my biggest issues. My current mood is directly related to my wounded pride so I need LOTS of practice. I've taken to saying my prayers face down on the carpet. No one told me too or even suggested such a thing but my thought was "If I need to practice humility then what better way then at the feet of the Lord" *shrugs* or I could just be weird. Either way, it's hard to be prideful with a nose full of dog hair. 

people who are polite even when angry. I had two really pissed off owners today but they were aware that I was not who they were angry at and they were polite to me. That takes mad skill dude and it's a skill I do not possess. I'm grateful for them and I want to be like them when I grow up.

Andy Stanly telling me to "Put the God rock in the jar first". I did as I was told.

a good day. As my anger and hurt abate, the moments of my day are reshading my day. Ms. Julie saying "you have an eye". Tara & Jim saying "Yes". I love you texts from my man and the "I just used the last swiffer thing" text I got from Kelly. Oh, and my kick ass chili & cornbread. "Yeah, it was a good day. Thank you for asking"

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