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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day 244 - Moment by Moment

This moment care of my cousin Jimmy
Siesta Key Beach after dark
Siesta Key, FL

I discovered a secret. It came to me this morning as I was getting off the scale. It's not what you may think given my location.

Life is a series of moment and how you treat each moment determines your perspective on life.

Wow... right??!

So, if I have a good moment, like yesterday's conversation with Kelly. If, after it's past, I acknowledge it and say to myself "That was nice." I've prolonged the moment and I've noted it. Then, later as I'm sitting at my desk I think back to that moment, well I've just stretched that moment into 2 moments. Both positive and happy. Then, later, as I'm blogging about that moment I'm filing it in my long term memory where I can pull it out and revisit it at another time. Then Kelly reads it and my mom reads it, and my Aunty reads it, and perhaps it gives them a positive moment increasing that small moment in time's value exponentially.

What a concept! How you treat a moment, even a moment as simple as 3 green lights in a row, determines it's value. Then, in contrast, if you let go of the negative moments and don't relive them, replay them and retell them over and over and over and....well, you get my point. If you just let out a healthy and hearty expletive and let it go, you decrease the damage it causes.

In other words, swap what humans seem programed to do. Remember and Cherish the good, forget the bad. Do that often enough and guess what? When someone says "Hey, How was your day?" you can answer honestly and with a whole heart "It was great!" Then, at the dawn of a new day, you can say "Thank you Lord! Yesterday was Great! Let's do it again today!"

This morning, on the scale for the first time in 4 months, I discovered I've lost 12.2 pounds. This moment has brought me much joy and it is filed into my long term memory. It has outlasted the tenant who is mad that I didn't send her a "bill" for her rent, and the owner who's mad because I fixed a broken window, and the fact that I had to post 2 weeks of invoices "NOW BETH!"

Do what you will with my little discovery. Me? I'm going to try and unclench and practice what I preach.

Peace ~

For this moment, All I had to do was notice it
I95 North
South of my slice of paradies

Today I'm grateful for:

moments in time. At the end of my life will that guy who cut me off this morning really have gotten more of my attention than Lisa telling me "Mom! I feel so good!" No, no he wont.

listening and trusting. I choose to believe it was God but you can call it whatever you want. That voice that speaks to you, the one in your head that you KNOW is not you even though it sounds like you. It whispered to me this morning. It said "It's Wednesday. Get on the scale" Dude, I so knew that was a bad idea. I have not worked out since the the end of July and I spent a week at the beach and a week at my house. I KNEW I would be lucky if I was 210-215. My emotions are so tied to my weight that I KNEW I would be flat on the floor sobbing the ugly cry and ready to quit my job and join the freak show as the fat lady. But I kept being pressed and I kept resisting. I finally prayed "Lord, I don't know if that's you, I wish I did, but I'm going to take a leap of faith. I pray if it's not you, you help me deal with any number" Listening and Trusting gave me the moment that made my day.

losing 12.2 lbs. I did it without DOING anything. All you smokers out there take note. YES, you DO gain weight when you quit smoking. I gained 40 lbs. BUT eventually, you level off. I'm not taking this as a license to slack. I'm actually using it as motivation to work harder.

riding. I got on the big pink bike last night for the first time in months. I can't say it was the blissful experience it once was but it was nice and it made for a much more relaxed hamster.

ninja help. Today I HAD to post 2 weeks worth of invoices "NOW BETH!" I'll give you a visual on what 2 weeks worth of invoices looks like....take a single sheet of paper, now multiply it until you have a stack that is 4 inches thick. Need a reference? A ream of paper is approximately 4 inches thick and contains 500 sheets of paper. So I closed my door and asked Ms. Julie to hold all my calls but emergencies and I began at 12:12PM. I finished at 2:19PM. Me? I say God gave me an Att'a Girl. You can think what you like. I have a visual of God in a Ninja suit. That's another moment that's going in the file.

So, now I'm waiting for someone to ask me "How was your day?" so I can say "It was radical dude!"

This moment brought to me by the miracle that is my grandson
Born 3 months early
Um, yeah, he looks like a premie don't he?
Jackson Mason Parker

Edit: Bad math Beth. You lost 12.2 not 12.8. Next time use a calculator Blondie.


  1. You know how for the last few months it just seems that everywhere you go, no matter what you do, everyone seems so down. When you walk into any random store someone is bound to ask you how you are, or maybe you're the one doing the asking. All our life we are so used to saying and hearing "Fine, thank you." or "Good." But, more often than not you hear or say "Ehh." or "I'm doin'." Well just very recently things have started to shift. Sometimes you can just feel the whole world in a slum. Now, I'm starting to feel the whole world getting happier. Considering how long we have collectively been down, I think the happy is here to stay. Thanks for spreading the happy Mom. LET'S MAKE THE WORLD SMILE EVERYONE!

  2. or could it be that what your focusing on has changed. Maybe the whole world is not any happier, or was never sad in the first place? Perhaps because YOUR happier, you are making those around you happier?

    Riddle me this Batman....

    If your a store clerk and you say "how are you today?" out of habit to a customer. How would you feel after your encounter if they said:

    "I suck, the world sucks and you suck, now give me my smokes"


    "Eh, I'm OK"


    "Hey, I'm doing great today. How are you?"
    (and actually waits for and wants a reply)

    you get back what you put out.

    Or, I could be full of pooh. It's been known to happen

  3. PS: Love you kid. Hope you make a great day and share it. xoxox

  4. I'm speechless. You're totally right. The world wasn't sad, I was putting the sadness on the world derived from my own sadness. Blast you and your logic! You know how much I hate logic!!
    Whatever the truth may be, I'm gonna make the world smile as I felt it smiled for me...

  5. OK Kid, you got me. I'm all weepy and stuff. I'm proud of you and not just cuz you think I'm right.

    You just made me smile.