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Friday, May 28, 2010

Day 148 - Dig a Little Deeper

“Sometimes, you have to bear down and just say you're not going to go down like that, ... Sometimes, you have to dig a little deeper.”

Pawned by the Hamster

Yesterday I was saying I had to dig a deep to reach my gratitude. Well today I have to dig a little deeper. I woke late, I spent a good 25 minutes excavating another of the hamsters colon cleanses (why must he bury his poo?), oh and while I was cleaning up his kennel he generated another gooey pile in front of the french doors, AND just as I was leaving the house I poked at what I though was a puked up dust bunny with my toe...Um, yeah, that was not puke. *sighs* The man said I would feel better by day 3. IT'S DAY 3 PEOPLE! I'm still a stuffy, crabby, pissy superhero with a limp cape and a dried up yellow sharpie.

Today I'm going to have to dig deeper still. But I assure way or another....I got this.

Today I'm grateful for:

a stuffy nose. Oh yeah, I'm tired of being sick BUT the snot filter takes the edge off the stench. The hamster actually made me gag. Can someone PLEASE tell me WHAT IN GOD'S NAME is turning it green and making it smell like THAT? *gags just thinking about it*

not killing the hamster. I tell you, when he generated the pile by the back door WITH HIS LEASH ON I thought I was going to kill him. But then he gave me that bat eared, big eyed Mogwai "I'm sorry" look and yeah, I was pawned.

my man. He did as my mom asked. Dude, that was huge.

getting to work early. It's given me time to collect myself before the freaks of Jacksonville Proper try and take what's left of my superhero strength.

God. Cuz even though my mind is full of very improper thoughts, God knows what's in my heart and forgives me. *chants* I must not spork the freaks, I must not spork the freaks, I must not...

FRIDAY. It's come in the nick of time.

Youtube. Occasionally, it's the punctuation in my sentence, occasionally it completes me, most days it's just a boat load of fun.

my little cousin Noah. I've not met him yet but from what I hear, this dude rocks the house. I can't wait to meet him in August. Has it really been like 20 years since I've seen your mom? *hangs head* yeah....I suck

my self delusions. I still feel skinny. Even though I have not had a proper work out since Monday and I've used being sick as an excuse to graze.

digging deeper.

grace. I know I have it. God has assured me so. One day I'll find it and that day I'll begin to grow.

the fact that I can get all pissy and bent out of shape over a summer cold and some hamster poo. If those are my biggest trials, I'm one very lucky woman.

the man and I having jobs. In this economy this is no guarantee. I may be sick and not feeling like being here, but dang it, I'm one freakin lucky superhero. Oh, and I can actually see part of my desk though the mess. I'm making forward progress.

my house. Yes yes, I know, a house is not a home but MY house is my slice of paradise. It's small and dirty and sometimes cramped but it's mine, my man picked it out just for me, 2 of my children grew up there, it's where I come home to when the world beats me down, it's where the wild things are, it is my magnetic north. My house IS my home and I gave up taking it for granted long ago. Should you need me, you can find me there.

my list. It pulls me out of myself. It refocuses me and makes me dig a little deeper. In doing so, I am never disappointed. It continues to do what it was created to do. It makes me SEE my life as it is. One giant, fun filled, love soaked, every day adventure. Even when I'm sick and pawned by a hamster.

that I dug a little deeper and I feel better for it. *sniffles and coughs* Life rocks dude.

*sings along*
You got to dig a little deeper
*booty dances*


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