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Friday, May 14, 2010

Day 134 - The List

and a little extra :)

“Two things I do value a lot, intimacy and the capacity for joy, didn't seem to be on anyone else's list. I felt like the stranger in a strange land, and decided I'd better not marry the natives.”
~Richard Bach~


Today I'm Grateful for:

lists. I am a HUGE fan of lists. Gratitude lists, Things to do lists, lists of my personalities, all kinds of lists.


AHA! moments. I got one this morning, I realized that "THOSE" people are me and I am them. If I can't finally embrace them as myself I am no better than they are, I am as judgmental, as inflexible, as demanding of attention and as obsessed with winning. I am no better, we are equal. It's time for me to love them as myself and concede to their rights and embrace their faith without abandoning my own. Until I can practice what I preach I'm taking a step back. God is teaching me a lesson I'm struggling to learn.

stillness. I've discovered what true stillness feels like. Unfortunately, I only seem to feel it on my 5th sprint of a hard work out, when I'm struggling to keep breathing and not fall on my face and shoot off the back of the treadmill. In that moment, there is nothing in my mind but the sound of my own labored breathing and the thudding of my feet as they run. But hey, it's a start right?

THIS. It gave me morning giggles after my heavy AHA! moment. Boy did I need that. Now I'm going to dig through old photos for something to submit. Consider this a warning to my children.

being in love. With my man, with my family, with life in general.

my growing relationship with Christ. I'm suffering through growing pains but the key word to that is growing. With pain comes growth. Eventually I will get to where I'm going. The good news is that I already like where I am. Where I'm going must be freaking amazing. *waits and taps foot* ...Am I there yet???

my job. Being a superhero rocks dude. The list of my superpowers grows daily and I get a spiffy purple cape and yellow sharpie too! Oh, and I get PAID. Dude...that's epic.

working out. I still can't believe I'm one of THOSE people. Oh, bad.

discovering the cause of the itch.

faith in the committee. God has picked our new leader, they will bring him home.

Ms. Amy. She reminds me of Lisa McGillis, the very Lisa I named my Lisa after. I want to be like them when I'm grown.

being a sprout in God's garden. I used to be a seed, someday I'll be a flower. Or a rutabaga. I'm OK with either. God's will be done. *whispers* um, God, remember all those jokes about coming back as a Man Eating Eggplant? Can we just forget those?

oranges. OMD do I love me a good orange. My breakfast was epic. Honey yogurt and a fresh orange. Oh, and lunch is even better. Whole Wheat pasta w/ organic tomato basil sauce & parmesan cheese. *drools more*

photography. For some reason I've pushed it to the background. It's time for that to change. Equipment means nothing. It's the passion that counts. I took these photos with my dear old Brutus...

He's got plenty of life left in him, he just needs my vision to make it so. I think Brutus and I are going for an outting Saturday. I wonder where we'll go? (hmmm, accidental poetry, I can dig it)

I just couldn't resist   =)

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