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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 6 - It's a great day at Heth Realty, Inc.

This is the 2nd day in a row that is trying to get the better of me. Yesterday did not win, unfortunately today did. I had a meltdown on the poor hamster. The Alien Hamster came face to face with Ms. Shankahamster, I mean Shankabitch. Run Roy! Run!

Due to the extreme cold he puddled and piled very fast but the very idea of having to step out into the predawn Arctic Tundra of my back yard filled me with loathing and dread. Then he decided today would be a good day to not stay in the room with me while I worked out. He knows the rules. Stay in the front of the house where I can see you (well sort-of with no glasses on) or go in the transporter. So, for the first time in nearly a month, my mystery hamster date was Naughty Alien Hamster. I get on the stationary beast and start to peddle, he darts out into the hall. I do my usual call "Pwwwwwt, here Roy" nuthin..."Pwwwwt, Roy! Here! You know the rules!" *sighs* I get off the beast grab a handful of hamster and drop him back on his stage. I give him his sock and Woobie to molest and get back on the bike. NO SOONER had I begun peddling again did that freakin beasty take off down the hall. Another sigh, another groan another 6 "PWWWWWT, DANCE YOUR HAMSTER ASS BACK IN HERE!" the last time I got off the beast to grab the hamster he saw the look in my eye and headed for the hills. 3 laps around my house it took for me to finally catch him and toss him in the transporter so I could finish my work-out.

The rest of the morning was filled with me showering in the walk-in fridge we call a master bath, weighing in at 190.8 lbs, and having a bad hair day. A perfect storm was brewing and the beast within was pickin at her duct tape. The last straw came when I tried to catch the hamster so I could lock him up before work. I reach down, he backs up & squeaks at me. I yell "Come HERE you freakin, freakin, freak!" He hides under the bed. Took nearly 10 minutes for me to get him hands on him and then only after I DOVE at him and the shock of Momma moving that fast stunned him for a split second. Let’s just say the hamster was "uncomfortable" as I carried him to his transporter and I am suffering through a bad case of Hamster Guilt hours after the "Incident". I have GOT to teach that hamster to "Come". We begin tonight!

With meltdown behind me and guilt following me like a little raincloud over my head I am making my way through the rest of my day. There are a few up-sides. Jackson will be born today! *granny booty dances* He will be in his Momma's arms about 2PM today. His Momma's health should improve greatly after his delivery. Confirmation of this is all I need to shift me to the left. Until then, I'll slap an "Approach with caution" sign on my forehead.

Today's photo shoot is in the offices of Heth Realty, Inc. Let's see if I can get anything even mildly interesting from this place. Perhaps if Wilber, Ben and Charlie (you know Charlie was a tuna right Max?) will come out to play. If so, I could get some interesting video to post on YouTube if nothing else.

Today I'm grateful for:

Jackson's healthy arrival.

The Queens health returning

Kelly's heart

30 photographic goals for 2010. Since I like lists so much, I'm stealing this one.

screwin with the Dr.s office across the street. Seriously, they had it coming. Max started it! It's fun to watch...

lentil soup & Ritz crackers. Nice hot lunch in the southern branch of the frozen tundra. It also means I don't have to go out there.

space heaters. I have a little space heater I named Tuffy. He is under my desk and blowing hot air up my skirt. He and I and I became very close very fast. He and Cleo do NOT get along but with the surge protector as ref, they are maintaining an uneasy truce.

absolute faith that there IS a reason. My girls are not going through this for nothing. I may never know the reason but I KNOW there is one. That's enough for me to find grace and peace. To all those that have prayed for my family and myself, I thank you.

Most of today’s are pretty boring "Brochure"
kinda photos but hey, practice is practice right?
I can say "see here, my fotos is in dis fancy dancy thingy here"

This one is way too dark for a brochure but hey, I like it.
It's "moody" like me

OK, so another dark one. I like'm dark!

I'm sure this one is VERY useful in a brochure *nod nod*

Ok, so how's this one?

We support local artists. Check out this up and coming photographer,
Um, her name is Beth Reed if I remember correctly...

OK, so this one is good right?
A little edit, a little clean up, it will be perfect.
Phew! One out of 62 ain't bad.

2 out of 62 :)

This WILL be my office as soon as we can afford a receptionist.
Oh please let that be soon Lord!
One day I will stab this phone with my letter opener.
That will be a nasty payroll deduction :/

3 out of 62?

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