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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 7 - A View from a Hamster

The hamster had a GREAT morning and I'm taking all the credit. I blew off my work-out and gave HIM one instead. Given that he's a HamJack he needs LOTS AND LOTS of exercise. Given the current weather, he has gotten NONE. I believe this is why he's been so naughty lately. Soooo, I gave him an indoor work-out. My house has an open floor plan. You can run laps easy so that's what we did. We ran laps. Then we worked on "Sit" "Stay" "COME!" "Get it!" "Drop it" and "TREAT" He rocked the house dude. Seriously. For a sliver of hotdog this beasty will stand on his head and spit wooden nickels. When leaving the house this morning I commanded "Sit!" he sat "Stay" he stayed and I picked him up and put him in his transporter. I left him eating puppy chow and doing the hamster dance.

The work day? Meh, it was ok BUT, after work when opening my front door; what greeted me was so rockin good it made me forget about the day. As I walked up to my front door I could hear it. All Hail Sally was having a band practice at full volume and the Pixie was on the mic belting it out like she was giving a stadium concert and the man was whaling away at his axe. As I opened the door the full force of our HD, digital surround, Bose, rewired correctly, sound system hit me in the chest and washed over me like a tidal wave. At my feet was a hamster dancing for joy at my return home. On the counter sat the pants I ordered from Target, my speedflash remote cord and a card from Miss Marry containing hugs, OH and the disk I ordered from Disney Vacations. People, life in my slice of paradise is awesome to the max awesomeness. Don't be haten, get your own.

Today I'm grateful for:

grandbabies. I now have 3. I have not yet met Jackson but I know he's brilliant. After all, he's his Momma's son.

Dancing hamsters. Even when they're dancing on my back

remote speedflash cords. Now I can finally get my speedflash OFF my camera. The good thing about on camera flash? It forces you to learn how to shoot WITHOUT A FLASH.

blowing off a work-out. Screw it. I weighed in at 192.2 after working out for a solid week. One missed work-out is not gonna make a difference. I really have to come up with a better work out plan. My current plan is getting me nowhere.

fun on the floor. I spent 2 hours on the floor taking 105 photos. It was not exactly what I had in mind and most of the photos are unusable, but I had a blast. If you're gonna have track marks up your back, they may as well be hamster shaped. To see all the photos click here. Unedited of course :)

shifting to the left. It's the dancing hamster that did it.

Finishing the rewrite on the book. I miss Shel’s poems but I actually think it’s better. I know I love the new cover.

Being fluffy, flabby and free

God. Only God could think up the life I have. This may look like insanity to most but to me it's a blessing beyond measure.

So, this kinda thing is what I had in mind for this here shoot

But this kinda thing is what I got
Pawned by a hamster

And again...

Got some cool shadows though

The reflection in the dishwasher says it all

I shot in the raw format. OMD what a difference in quality!

I just plain love this one. My man is a Rock Star!

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