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Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 4 - Sunrise, Sunset

My eldest called me around 9AM this morning. She called me in tears telling me she had just left her Dr.s office and was on her way to the hospital. The Dr. said she had Preeclampsia and it was serious. Jackson may have to be born early. My little girl is scared, she is sick and her baby is in trouble. Where am I? 900 flippin miles away. All I can do is talk to her calmly and tell her to just take it one step at a time. Right now she and the baby were OK. They are giving her steroids to hasten Jackson's lung development and they are trying to delay labor for 24-48 hours to give him a better chance. 3 weeks ago I had 2 healthy daughters both pregnant with sons, both due in the first week of March. Now I'm scared not only for the safety of my one remaining grandson but of my daughter as well. All I can do is pray. I feel about as useful as earrings on a boar hog. "Lord, I know you have a plan. Help me, help my girls. Please"


OMD, OMD, OMD! 20° is to freakin cold for Iceland never mind FLORIDA! Oh, and they are using the "S" word, as in, a chance for on Thursday. Are you freaking kidding me? All hamster walkies have been indefinitely delayed until temperatures return to a resonable 50°. Oh, and to you here in FL, you know who you are, YOU the ones whining that it was to cold when it was in the 60°? I blame this on you. You pissed the universe off. It said "Oh, you think this is cold do you? Well try this on for size."

*breathes deep*

OK, I'm done. I feel better. So, this morning started out with a very brisk hamster walk. He puddled and piled in .382 seconds and headed in for his warm blankie. Instead of putting on a show he crawled into the transporter and buried himself under his blankie till all I could see was one ear and a bit of tail. No show for my work out this morning. *sighs* Oh well. Can't say I blame him much. I'd be in there too were I him.

Oh, yeah, I mentioned how cold it was right? Well didn't ya know, I chose THIS morning to do a sunrise photo shoot on the St. Johns River. You see, each morning when I drive to work I turn left off of Park St. onto Stockton St. which faces directly into the St. Johns. Only 3 blocks and it dead ends right at a sea wall. For (almost) exactly 1 year I have been taking that drive and pondering "I bet the sunrise is beautiful there" Since today is technically my 1 year anniversary with Heth Realty, Inc. (yes, it's a great day at Heth Realty) I chose THIS morning, the COLDEST morning on RECORD to find out. Mind you, I'm dressed for work. So, in my tights, scort and rocker tee, buried deep within my oversized bomber jacket I park my car illegally and spend nearly 40 minutes shivering to get these photos. Yeah, I think it was worth it. The chilled fruits of my frozen labor are today's photos.

Today is the first Monday of the new year, it's the first of the month, and it's go live for our new software. Nuff said about my work day. Oh, and we can just pretend that the Pixie was NOT out at the bus stop for nearly 30 minutes in this freaking cold ass weather when school does not return TILL WEDNESDAY! I'm such a good mom. I know how to read a school calendar and everything. *puts self in time-out* Poor Frozen Pixie!

Oh, Oh, AND did I mention that Kelly's "New to her" car died. In my driveway. I'm really wondering if that kid can catch a break. Soon.

Today I'm grateful for:

Today being over.

no news. No news is good new right?

Kelly flying out to be with her sister. Given her recent loss all I can say is, I hope I can be like her when I grow up.

Lisa sounding OK the last time we talked. I know she is scared and sick and wanting her Momma but she put on a brave face for me. I hope I can continue to do the same for her.

faith. Jackson will arrive early but he will stay long. I WILL get the chance to steal his affections.

sunrise photos. As cold as I was, there was something about watching the sun rise on the St. Johns. It was transformative. Or part of my brain just froze and fell off. Not sure which. To see all of todays shoot click here.

being a rebel. I parked illegally. My bad! *moon walks and sings "Smooth Criminal"* See! Here's proof!

sunset photos. As I was walking the hamster in my back yard I look up and see the sun setting behind these two really cool trees. I had enough time to get my equipment, set it all up and shoot a few rounds. They are not as good as the sunrise but they are lovely. My slice of paradise rocks. Even with vile sub-60° temps.

prayer. The amount of people praying for Lisa is astounding. I am humbled and grateful.

a call from my pastor. It was a personal touch and I am tremendously grateful.

weighing in at 191.2 still up but at least back to going in the right direction.

my list. As always, it restores me.

Sunrise at the St. Johns River

And another.

OK, just one more...

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