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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 3 - Sunday Brunch

I love Sundays. Just so you know. One reason is church. This whole church thing is still very new to me. It's an adventure. Today's adventure started 1.5 hours to early. After reading the church bulletin and confirming there was NO KIDSTUFF (Children's worship) I showed up at church just on time. For KidStuff. *sighs* Having an hour to kill I sat down at a table in the Cafe to wait. Due to the time of morning and everyone else in the congregation knowing there was no KidStuff, the Cafe was very empty so the husband and wife that run it got to sit down and visit. Soon, a gentleman who volunteers in the Cafe, when it's busy came in and he sat down to join us. Before I knew it, it was time for service. Where on earth did that time go? It went in conversation about hunting, loss, service, the color green, politics (yes, I was good and kept my mouth shut), photography and general chit chat. It was lovely and I'm grateful I forgot there was no KidStuff.

Another part of Sunday I love so much is Sunday Brunch. Every other week my Momma in Law, my Sister in law and occasionally my nephew Justin come and we have brunch. It's taken us nearly a year but we finally have the menu worked out. Fruit Salad, banana bread, home fries w/ ham (my own secret family recipe I wont even share with the family) and Italian scrambled eggs (another recipe I created and will only share with my daughters. On my death bed....maybe). Since Momma's heart issues we avoid dairy and salt but not flavor. We visit and laugh and pick on the man and watch football when it's in season. It's a tradition started in 2009 that I've grown to love. It's brought us closer as a family I think and made me love Sunday's even more.

Today I'm grateful for:

Sundays. Bet you didn't know I LOOOOOVE Sundays did'ja?

Sunday afternoon naps. Best time in the world to power nap. With a full tummy and a football game on the TV.

My Momma in law. She is awesomeness disguised as a Mother in law. SHE is no mother in law. Thankyouverymuch. She is just Momma.

Sister secrets. *duct tapes mouth shut*

Boston cream pie & Spumoni ice cream. THAT is a power snack.

the BFF NOT having a busted pipe. *phew* She still owes me for the snake though.

photo editing being done. Now I get to fill frames! *booty dances* I've already filled one of mine and the Pixies.

the joy photography brings me. Let's face facts, I'm never gonna turn pro. That is 100% OK with me. I LOVE everything about it. I don't have to earn money from it to make it central to my life. I can not expect to pick up a camera at 45, be completely uneducated and unskilled and have the gall to think "I'll go pro!" I personally find that rather insulting to those who have spent years honing their craft. BUT, I can cherish my new way of seeing the world, the challenge of a shoot, the creativity of the edit and memories shared with my daughters. Memories of baby bump shots, Pirate escapes and a day playing Supermodel & professional photographer. Those memories my children will cherish and the photos will be reminders when I'm gone. That is enough and I'm grateful for it. If I happen to improve along the way mores the better.

bill paying. My husband is damn sexy when he pays the bills.

the day I stopped smoking. I stopped smoking on Mon, 1 Sep 2008. It has been 69 weeks, 6 days, 21 hours, 6 minutes and 18 seconds since I quit. I have saved $ 4155.47 by choosing not to smoke 24443 cigarettes. More importantly, I saved 26 weeks, 4 days 17 hours 23 minutes of my life! Only in the writing of this post did I realize I had not smoked a cigarette in all of 2009. Wow....Just...Wow!

the before and after.



going back to normal. I LOVE the holidays but I'm glad they're over. It's time for me to get serious about this fluff. I got on Shank this morning and I'm back up to 191.8. The scale is going in the WRONG direction. Tomorrow my fluffy ass is back on the beast. Wonder what show the hamster has planned? Hope it's a good one!

Go Jags!
Um, what's that white stuff?
(if you say dust on the coffee table, I will find you and spork you)

Jags not doing so well. She looks happy don't she?


Yes June, they are punting....again

Daddy and hamster power nap while the Jags Lose

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