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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 14 - Hamster, Corner Pocket

“If you only do what you know you can do- you never do very much.” Tom Krause


No fancy words, no witty stories, no hamster doings. Today I just want to be grateful.

Today I'm grateful for:

tomorrow being Friday. This has been a trying week.

date night. Tomorrow is 3-D Avatar & dinner at Applebee’s with my man and my favorite couple.

hamsters. They are endless fascination and cheap entertainment. Even when they eat the dice.

stunning sunsets and the wisdom to look up.

grace. I am lacking it today but I'm grateful I once had it.

IM's from Lisa and Texts from Kelly. It's not face to face but it's still nice.

Jackson doing so well. *whispers* he may be sprung soon.

being grandma. Being a Grandma is your reward for being mom. Mom's drool, grandmas Rule.

warmer weather. I should have rode tonight. It was awesome

inspiration. Sometimes it comes in the form of mind wanderings of spaceships and giant hamster balls, other times it comes from God, tapping me on the shoulder and saying "Psssst, I'm here"


Hamster, Corner Pocket.
Not exactly what I wanted BUT
have you ever tried to get a hamster
to sit still when surrounded by balls?

Just a set up shot, but I kinda liked it.
It's PRE-edit so forgive the trash

Tonight's Sunset.
I just thought it was very pretty

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