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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 12 - Bearded men & Jack Frost

The bearded man is back. What is it about my bathroom window that attracts him? Your guess is as good as mine. Funny thing, it's the man that always finds him. Personally, I think he's an alien, but the man says "bearded man, see here?" and points out the features. I don't argue, I just nod. But me? I'm sticking with alien.

Today my attitude has improved though I find myself missing the hamster chronicles. I hope when it warms up and I can get back to my morning work-outs I will again be entertained by the creative styling’s of Roy the Alien Hamster. *wistful sigh*

Today I'm grateful for:

Shifting to the left. It was the bearded man in the mirror and a morning challenge that did it. Oh, and the HUGE, bright red “I LOVE YOU” email from the man.

Success! The man challenged me and this time I am victorious! *whispers* though I still think it's an alien

frost patterns. Now that I know it's gonna be back up in the 60's this weekend, I can appreciate the frost. It makes lovely patterns on the windshield. Jack Frost does good work.

Bible Study tonight. *twitch* No, I'm not nervous at all! *twitch* Why do you ask? *tic* A year ago I was a Taoist; tonight I start Bible study with 2 preachers wives. I really need to learn moderation.....

AMERICAN IDOL TONIGHT! Whoooohoooo! After Bible Study I get to curl up on the couch and hold hands with the man while watching American Idol! The Mecca of Reality T.V. Oh how I love the fantasy that is Realty TV. "Breaking News...American Idol is rigged!" BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA Really? That's breaking? I knew that when Justin Guarini made it to the final two in season one. It's trash TV. Stop analyzing it and just enjoy it. If you can't, change the channel to CNN and at least learn something.

Taco night. I love me some Tacos. The taste of fresh Tacos reminds me of summer nights, brilliant blue skies and happier days for Kelly. Grandma says she's doing better but I wanna see for myself. "Hey Ma! The tall blond is MINE! You stole the short brunette, but I'm keeping the blond. I am NOT above sporking my own mother. I'm just sayin...."

dead rats. I am no longer a pacifist. I quit being a pacifist when the dirty, filthy beast at my chocolate. (if the critter guy says I cried when I saw him remove 3 small mice, he's a liar I tell you! *sniff sniff*)

space heaters. Funny, it's one of the few inanimate objects I have not named, yet it's the closest to me. After all, it does blow warm air up my skirt all day. Honestly, I think it owes me dinner.

location, location, location. I freakin love Riverside. Our caliber of freaks is unparalleled in Northern Florida. You'd have to go as far as Southern Georgia for freaks equal to ours. Today's freak asked me if she could take her little girl to our bathroom. I said sure, after all, I know what it's like to have a little spawn that needed to pee "NOW MOMMA!" I will spare you the mess I found in our bathroom. After all, you may be eating lunch. It was my lunch break when I went in there. Um, yeah, I skipped lunch today...

learning. Every single day I learn something new. To learn is to advance, improve and adapt. When you think you know it all, you chain yourself to where you are now and rob yourself of the ability to grow.

grace. I think I've discovered the beginnings of grace within me. It's very small, and very quiet but if I'm careful, it may grow. I hope so. I can think of no better attributes to carry me though life than grace and humility. Except maybe gratitude :)

advice. I want to impart some here. If you find yourself stranded in a desert of idiots, frustrated day in and day out with everyone’s inability to get it right, angry and the in justice you are suffering at the hand of all around you, perhaps it's time to start looking within. I'm just sayin....


The Bearded man/Or Alien

Jack Frost's handiwork

This one just because I loved the reflection
of the sunrise in Sally's window :)

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