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Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 11 - One Shot Deal

I’m struggling at the moment. It seems something has crawled up my ass and died there. I'm in a pissy mood and the fact that I don't know why I'm in a pissy mood just pisses me off more. GOT to love the Bi-Polar Rollercoaster. *sighs*

Today I'm grateful for:

Jackson doing great! His Momma says he gets to get dressed tomorrow. This is a big deal. Oh and I get pictures soon! *booty dances* Lisa's not doing so well but she at least sounds good. I'll be glad when they're both home.

my car being restored. It was just a battery and thank God, no vile rental.

the hamster being a good boy. No puddles or piles in the house, his morning work-out went swimmingly and he gave me warm snuggles while I balled my eyes out. Sweet Boy Roy!

a good cry. It washed away a lot of my vile mood. When in need of a good cry, rent "My sisters keeper" The soundtrack alone will make you weepy.

getting another revision done on the book. Will I EVER read this freaking thing and NOT find a typo/spelling error? At least it helped me kill time waiting for the car.

bible study. First meeting is tomorrow and the man is tolerating my absence. I like it that he don't want to be without me. I like it more than he's letting me go. This is another step in becoming the servant God wants me to be. I'm hagin with 2 pastors wives. I hope I'm not in over my head.

the forecast for Friday. *booty dances* It's projected to be 63° The hamster and I are going to ride the big pink bike till our lungs fall out. I can't wait!

home. My slice of paradise. There's no place like it to cure what ails me. Home is where the heart is. I could easily be an intermittent hermit.


Today’s challenge was “A one Shot deal” I decided on Memorial Park. It’s on the river, it’s got this very nice WWII memorial and the sun shines on the water quite nicely there. So, I decided that after work I would go there with nothing but Brutus. No fancy filters, no tripod, no speedflash, no extra lenses. Just the camera and me. Why One shot only? CUZ IT’S FREAKIN COLD DUDE!

It’s funny though. When you only get one shot, you pay attention to everything. Due to EVERYONE in Riverside burning wood to keep warm, the entire area had a smoky haze. The light had a yellow tinge to it and everything had a soft glow. Due to me getting to work late, I got off an hour later. This made it 5 P.M. and the sun was very low. Sunset had not quite started, but there was a definite golden quality to the light. I wanted to capture the light more than any particular subject, but how to do that? To bright for the obvious trick of slow shutter speed. So what then? Normally I’d just play around with aperture and shutter speed, white balance and meters till I got the look I wanted. This time I couldn’t do that. So, I took no chances with the white balance and set my file to .NeF, took a meter reading for the white balance, set the aperture to smack in the middle w/ a 4.0 and tested the exposure and set shutter speed to 1/250th.

Here is the result…

*whistles and rocks back and for on my heels*

Um, here are three more...

Hey, I only took four!
*whistles and looks around*

OK, OK! It was just five! That's all I took! I swear!

Yeah, this was me trying the shutter speed trick. Backfired but kinda looks cool eh?

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