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Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday Gratitude

Today is more than making up for yesterday. Thus far, my day has gone swimmingly. The only thing to even slightly mar the day is the grey & rainy weather. However, considering the 14 inches of snow forecast for back home, I'll not only take the rain but I'll go out and dance in it. Because? Well, because it's warm outside and I can. Why else?

The transporter spit out my good boy Morning Hamster w/ no dingleberries or anal leakage. Though I warn all whom enter my home. The hamster has some rank farts and OMG do his piles smell bad! Thank God they are small! If he were a larger dog, we'd have a haz-mat team in my back yard. Seriously, they are so bad that I was convinced the man was screwing with me and HE was the culprit. I had the hamster sleeping in my lap and I kept looking at the man and asking "What the hell did you eat??" "Hey! That's not me! That's him!" I swear to you, I will never, EVER feed this dog chicken again. EVER! All that aside, he had a great morning of piling outside, playing with daddy's unwashed sock, and general hamster type obedience. Good Boy Roy!

As I was getting into the shower the phone rang. Being that it was 6:35 A.M. I had a moment of panic "OK now what?" but it was my husband. He was calling to tell me there was an accident on I10 and for me not to go that way. This is the 2nd time in 1 week that he's done this. He called me on Monday to tell me of an accident on our street. Knowing that I had to be on time to Jury Duty he wanted to warn me to leave early and cut through the Winn Dixie parking lot. I know right? I can hear the "AWE"'s from here. THIS kinda stuff is what makes going though life with a partner so damn worth it. He can be loud and messy and he has a "few" bad habits but ultimately, when he messes up he is forgiven because he forgives me mine and we love eachother.  Life is messy and complicated and at its best when it's shared. I am a very lucky woman. My man is on my list nearly daily because I know ultimately what is THE most important blessing in my life. It is NOT the things but who I share them with. I've said it before and I believe it with all my heart. I could live over a heating grate in a cardboard box as long as I had the man beside me holding my hand. Oh, and the hamster can come too. He don't eat much.

Today I'm grateful for:

Getting it. I spent 44 years NOT getting it. I know what to be grateful for. Even if my list does not always reflect it.

God's blessings. I don't deserve them but he don't care.

191.2 Yup, I'm down .2 lb from yesterday. I'm starting to think Christmas cookies are diet pills in disguise.

My man. He is going with me to "The Parents" house. No, not mine. The parents of Kelly's 51 year old boyfriend. It does not escape me that 1) there is 17 years difference between Kent's age and my mothers. 2) there is 30 years difference between Kent and Kelly's. When my husband said "I'll go, I don't want you to go alone" my husband became the superhero in my family.

puddles and piles outside where they belong. After this week, that's a HUGE gratitude.

the boss being gone for 2 days. Remember that old adage "When the cats away the mice will play."? Well call me Squeaky and pass the cheese.

the stationary beast. It's all that stands between me and 200 lbs and even then it takes divine intervention.

Ms. Amy. In a sea of strange female faces, her smiling face was my life preserver. She calmed me, she validated me and she kept me from getting lost in the dark. Oh, and she gives pretty good hugs. She's no Ms. Marry but she's a close 2nd. I know she's OK with that :)

a gathering of women. Last night there was a gathering of woman. As with any gathering of this type there was LARGE amounts of food, laughter and fellowship. With Ms. Amy to keep the fear away, I just sat on the couch and let it wash over me. Given the week I've had this gathering was welcomed and healing. What was the best thing I took from this gathering? Was it the coconut cake? The ornament? The recipe for a good Pubilx cheese tray? No. It was the knowledge that I was not alone.

3 Pastors. These 3 pastors put the Christ in Christian. They lead by example, they live what they teach. They give me hope that the stigma now attached to the term "Christian" can be reversed. Because of these 3 men I am no longer to embarrassed to say "I am a Christian". I was once considered unwanted and unworthy but now my salvation is assured because of one of them and supported by the other 2. NONE of these men know me by name or by sight but have changed my life. They are: Pastor Ken Dyle Lead Pastor at The The Church at Argyle, MY pastor. Pastor Andy Stanley Lead Pastor at North Point Community Church. And most recently Perry Noble Senior Pastor NewSpring Church. Christian or non you should check them out. They may restore your faith in your fellow man if not in God. Just knowing that 3 men GET IT gives me faith that there are more out there just like them. There is hope.


FRIDAY! Tonight I go home and I bake some cookies and I wrap some gifts and I get some high quality face time with the man. Can't beat that with a big stick

man vacation. He has all next week off. Other than Pixie & hamster duty, other than that he's off. Oh, and he needs to fix the gates, but other than Pixie & Hamster duty and the gates, he's off. Oh, and he needs to fix the trunk light of my car, but other than Pixie Duty, Hamster Duty, Gates and trunk light he's off. He so deserves some time off, he works to hard.

Our Girls

Lisa Chaney aka The Queen

Kelly Reed aka The Dorkfish

June Reed aka The Garden Pixie

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