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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wednesday Gratitude

Shades of Grey

It's been grey for 3 days. The last two it began to rain JUST as I got in my car to drive home. Last night we attended a Veterans Day concert for the Pixies BFF in the rain. YET, I am still in a sunny and bright mood. Where the grey skies of MD are claustrophobic and appear one dimensional, the skies here in FL are open with clouds layering for a stunning 3D effect. This is a perfect example of "perspective" The truth is, if you were to photograph a grey sky in both MD and FL you would find them strikingly similar. Well, as similar as a sky can be from one day to the next. It's my perspective that makes FL skies so much better. You see, I trust FL skies to become blue and bright again soon. Whereas with MD skies, I know I'm stuck with them for months and months and months. Whatever dude, I know FL skies rule and MD's just drools.

Today I'm grateful for:

Shank (for those that don't know, I name inanimate objects. Shank is my new digital bathroom scale. Hey, don't judge. It amuses me) Shank informed me this morning that I now weigh 193.4. I'll let him stay in one piece....for today, but one wrong move and I break out the man's sledge hammer.

sledge hammers. First, the word is just fun to say. It makes your mouth twist into interesting shapes and it's one of those words that's just hard to lip read. Oh, and I've discovered that, occasionally, they can be more intimidating than sporks. *shrugs* go figure.

mounting the stationary beast. It was a close call this morning but I did it. 20 minutes of slack jawed, gasping completed. Day 3 started very unattractive but at least it started.

Day 2 and thus far, all goals complete. No cheating.

100% confidence. Oprah WILL call and I WILL be a svelte, smokin hot, domesticated cougar. Meow baby...

my man. He considered, possibly, almost getting me a Stinker. That says a lot right there and it's enough for now. Thank you babe, Love you!

my job. The superhero is back. She came to the rescue of a tenant in need. One who called screaming and yelling and hung up with tears of gratitude. I freaking love my job man. Being a Superhero is NOT over rated. It's awesomeness with a purple cape and a yellow flourish. Integration IS over rated. I am back to having 3 personalities.

Pizza for lunch. It is NOT on my diet but the boss is buying as a treat for having to work the holiday. I'm not happy about eating it, but I am happy that my boss is the kind of boss that WANTS to say thank you. Those bosses are rare and should always be on someone’s gratitude list.

this moment right here. Since starting on this journey I've adopted the practice of occasionally taking stock of THIS MOMENT. In the beginning it helped me distress, calm down and reign in the anger. Now, this far down the road, I still do it as an acknowledgement of God for the blessings of the moment, Me for learning to embrace the moment, and the universe for giving me the moment. Sitting right here, at my desk, taking stock, it's a pretty damn good moment. Right here, right now, all is right in my world. A moment from now, that world could blow up, but I'll always have the memory of this one. String enough moments together and you have a happy, fulfilled and purposeful life.

longing to give more. Giving is cool and keeps my yellow flowing. Giving my money is OK from time to time but very impersonal. I like to give of ME. When I give myself away, I get more in return. Handmade blankets bring smiles to little faces. A framed photograph in a dreary hospital room chases gloom away, a special and beautiful card gives a smile. None cost much money, all cost my time. Those are the things, the little things, that make a big difference. I'll leave the giving of money to Oprah. She can afford it. Me? I'll stick to the small. Think small people and change the world!

I'm grateful for friends willing to walk dark bridges in the dark and cold.

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