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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tuesday Gratitude

Another day, another few ounces.

My scale is bouncing around like a superball in a concrete cell. I have not been the same weight 2 days in a row. Yesterday it was 195.2 today it's 194.6. At least it is currently going in the right direction. I'll take it and run with it.

Today I'm Grateful for:

Shank not pissing me off. Every ounce is a victory.

Rubber bands. They make a satisfying "THWACK" when they are shot at the ugly picture hung in my office. Don't mock, it keeps me from sporking the freaks.

The freak parade is back. Guess that batch of "3 day notice to vacate"' woke them up. "Yes, you must pay the late fees. Why? Because rent is due on the first. No, it's not your first time. See here? You were late last month and the month before and. Well, yes, my parents were married when they conceived me but I'll pass your regards on to my mother. That will be $975 please." *sighs* I've missed my peeps. All my mocking energy was getting wasted.

God. He forgives me even if the freaks don't.

My man. Even when he comes up behind me, shouts "BING!" in my ear for no conceivable reason and then begins to poke me with his two index fingers. No, seriously, crap like that is why I love him. His odd Daveisms keep me entertained and remind me I'm loved.

my christmas list. I have the man convinced it's going to be EPIC. *snickers*

today's Poohism: “A little Consideration, a little Thought for Others, makes all the difference.” You're a wise bear Mr. Pooh.

Friends. Just a few months ago I was all sad and pathetic saying the only friend I had was soooo far away. Turns out I was an idiot. I got loads of friends and they are as close as I allow them to me. Duh Beth...

the word: felicitous It sounds like a vile little word but at it's root, it means "Happy". I like that.

being a yellow crayon. I have no pretence of being a flashy red, a seductive pink or a wise amber. After all, it's not easy changing from black to yellow. I am yellow and content to be so, it is fun to occasionally have spots though. Right now I have green spots. Green is the color of life, I'm good with that. The pictures I color with my crayon have interest and depth. I can dig it.

day 2 starting out well. I woke, mounted the stationary beast and rode. I ate right. I watched a little Andy Stanly and said my prayers. I'd say Tuesday is shaping up nicely.

Andy Stanley. He's freaking awesome. He's no Pastor Ken, but he speaks to me like no other preacher has. Ever. Check him out.

being an odd duck. *quacks* It's a label I'll keep. Along with freak and weirdo. Being called an Odd Duck this morning is what put the green spots in my yellow crayon. It just made me happy.

My boss digging my Odd Duck status. She said it with joy and affection. I don't even mind that she stole my saying. She steals many of them. It seems I'm infecting her. I can dig that too :)

It's been a while since I posted a photo of my favorite person.
Shhh, don't tell the kids. They each think their my favoite.
 *sighs* My man is just plain yummy.

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