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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tuesday Gratitude

Getting used to this new format is taking some time. I miss the personal aspect of talking one on one to my Mom and Daughter. Going "WWW" seems so impersonal, yet I feel it's the proper progression. I need to put it out there in the hopes someone will stumble into my Gratitude Web and get stuck. It's time for me to Man-Up and put on my big girl panties. Well, lets get on with it then...

Today I am in a good mood. Even though I just wasted a 12 hour fast, gave up my morning cup of coffee and my morning work-out. I didn't get stabbed damn-it. I sat for over an hour in Lab-Core waiting to get my blood work before they made the announcement "We have 18 scheduled appointments for this morning. If you cannot wait please feel free to go" Well, gee, thanks for that. You could not have warned me about that an hour ago when I walked in? There's an hour of my life wasted *sighs* Guess I get the joy of doing it all over again tomorrow morning. Lucky for me the lab is within walking distance of my office. I was only 10 minutes late this morning. I plan on being at the lab at 6:30 A.M tomorrow. OH, and Ms. Shankabitch and her sporks will be going in my stead. SHE knows all about righteous indignation and SHE will get seen...or make one.

Guess I'm in a good mood because today is puppy day! *booty dances* Today, after work, I get to go look at a puppy. I have the man's permission to bring it home if I feel it's a good match. Oh, no pressure Beth. It's a Chiwawa/Poodle mix. I've decided I'm calling the breed a Poochi, the man wants to call it a ChiwPoo but that just sounds wrong. Poochi it is. We've kicked around a few names. You've seen a few in my list. SayBark, Spiffy, Fred, but the man is right. In order to name the little beasty properly, I must SEE him. Oh, and it's a boy! You guys know how much I wanted a little boy. Now, just may have one. Cross your fingers and toes please. For me AND the dog. I have to drive into the scary section of town to look at him. The man has told me to be careful and my boss has stated emphatically that I am not to drive there alone. Mussette is going with me and we are going mid-day. *twitch* Really? There is a place in Jacksonville THAT scary? I'm from D.C. it's hard to scare me, but these folks have me a tad worried. But a Poochie is worth it!

Today I'm grateful for:

Poochies. Ok, or ChiwPoos. Either way, I may be getting some puppy love today. I would say something silly like "I hope I don't get my hopes up" but that ship has sailed.

the BFF coming out of surgery just fine. I was her last night on my way home. She's kinda hot with that eye patch. In a very Pirate kinda way.

Taco's. Last night’s taco's were kick ass. Nice too since I start my detox tomorrow. It was the last good meal before a week of raw. I scheduled dinner a tad early so I could get it in before my 12 fast started for the blood work. Tonight’s dinner is "feed your damn self" night. This is of course due to me puppy lookin after work. Have I mentioned I may be getting a puppy? Oh, sorry...

SYTYCD. Each Monday and Tuesday it gives me pure entertainment. For those 3 hours I get to turn my brain off. The man can drool over...well, all the women. I can swoon over *sighs* Donny and root for the underdog. It does not make the world a better place, it will not save the world, it merely makes me happy.

facebook. As much as it annoys me, there is nothing like opening up my inbox to find an old friend I hurt in another life has not only forgiven me, but reached out from the past to be friends again. THAT is what Facebook should remember it's all about. THAT is what Facebook does well and what it should stick to. *waves to Natalie* Glad to have you back friend!

My mom. Life is getting her down right now but she keeps trying. She is brave and strong and awesomeness in Mom form.

Misty. She was the best dog ever and I miss her every single day. I hope she will help me not compare the new puppy to her. No dog could stack up to the ghost of Misty.

a clean house. I WILL have one by the time this weekend is over. *puts foot down* I'm tired of living in a bio-hazard.

Skinny Granny. She comforts me on my fat days. She is a welcomed additions to my dysfunctional pack

Shank telling me I now weigh 192.0 Not sure how I managed that, but hey, I'm not going to question how I lost 2.2 lbs in ONE day. I bought a digital scale for its accuracy. For the purpose of being encouraged. It is not defective, it is not trying to confuse me, it is not out to get me. It's no more than the fact that my body is as weird as my brain. Guess I should have seen that one coming. Silly me...

My man. Even when he doesn’t get me he gets me. He is my race car driver, my knight in white armor, my bug killer, my trash taker outer, my mechanic, my sock monkey, my favorite and my partner. He fills my adventure book with memories and plans. I like him a little. Can I keep him?

My 3rd cup of coffee. I’ve nearly recovered from my morning fast. I was doing really well. I picked a bad time to fall off the coffee wagon. How on earth am I going to survive the next 7 days without it? Skinny Granny better be right or this is going to be a very long week. Oh, and someone better check on Ms. Shankabitch’s duct tape and arm the Orc with epic sporks with +11 to snark resistance and +12 to smite.

Me and the man holding hands. We do it right.

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