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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 300 - Sitting Down


What do you do if you were stuck in a vacuum? If all the air around you had was sucked out of your lungs in one split second? You can fall down and die, your you can sit down and try to conserve.

This is me sitting down. I may even need to take a step back. I beg your indulgence while I recover.

Peace ~

Today I'm Grateful for:

knowing. No matter how painful, it's better than being left in the dark

the absolute faith that this time, I WE did it right

safe shelter


faith. Faith in God, faith in her and faith in myself

AT&T upgrades. Hey, I'll take my grateful's anyplace I can get them today

kittens. They hold me up when I can't do it for myself

cheeseburgers. I've been good for quite some time now. I want a double vodka and a smoke. I'll settle for a cheeseburger. With fries. From 5 Guys. "Yes Sir, you can take my order. May I have a heart attack special please? Thank you, thank you very much."

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