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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day 299 - Life is a Highway


Where you start a journey is as important as where you finish. More actually because where you start will determine what obstacles you face. Will you have to cross an ocean or a desert, climb a mountain, face nearly insurmountable obstacles just to get there?

I don't know what it was within me to convince God to bless me the way he has. I was not born in China, I have not had to see the hardships of this man or those like him. I could waste my life asking why but I choose instead to boggy on down the highway of life being grateful for where I began. The only obstacles I face are those of my own making. One day an obstacle will come that I cannot climb over, go around, or blast through. When that day comes I'll know I've reached my destination. Life is in the journey. I choose to roll down the windows, blast the music and booty dance my way on down the road.

Peace ~

Today I'm grateful for:

highways. They are an all access pass to life. Ride it all night long. *hummms*

being born in the Good Ole U.S.A. She has her flaws but dude, there is no better place on earth.

my folks. I got what I got from them. I think I'm doing OK with it but you'd have to ask them.

Mustang Sally. The best little Mustang there is. She is the best because she is mine.

medical insurance. I have a feeling this one will be on my list quite often.

pension plans. WE HAVE ONE! *Booty Dances*

my man coming home and saying "it was great! It's like being in the cool kids club!" when asked "how was your day".

being caffeine free and not dying. Who knew?

being sugar free and not dying. 24 hours with no refined sugar and I'm still alive. Go figure.

working out day two. Sprints in the morning, walking the hamster in the evening. I like it.

music. When traveling down life's highway, it's essential to have the proper tunes.

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