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Monday, October 25, 2010

Day 298 - Debate This...


Last night was interesting to say the least. It's started with me doing something I NEVER do. I sat down at the kitchen table to eat my soup. WHAT was I thinking? The kids eat at that table. Me sitting there means I have to talk to them. *gasp* Dude, so not right...

So, yeah, we started talking about Dyslexia of all things. Kelly and I were "discussing" it. She insisted she was dyslexic even though she'd never been tested and me telling her that I wasn't sure and that's why I never had her tested. What I didn't tell her is that I didn't have her tested because that poor kid had enough labels on her already. I was going to be damned if she had another. Was I right or wrong? Who knows. What I do know is that I believe she's right. Her "reasons" for believing she is dyslexic are fully documented. She is right.

She also went as far as to say Dyslexics are learning disabled. To this I took HUGE issue. That is a label that's been stuck on me my entire life and it's not one I accept freely. Yes, I know, Dyslexia is a learning disability, it challenges the dyslexic to have to work harder, learn new techniques, over come certain hurdles and all around makes things more difficult in the learning area. It is what it is. A learning disability. However, I am not disabled. I am not defined by my dyslexia I have overcome it. To Kelly it's a matter of semantics. If you have a learning disability, you are learning disabled. Black and white. To me, I have a learning disability but I am not disabled. Who's right? In the end, we both are. I am what I say I am. No one defines me but me. If I believe that, then I must let Kelly and June do the same. Ouch...that's a tough one

After I got over my button being pushed I went out to the "smoking lounge" *cough cough* and "discussed" things further. We discussed shifting lines in the sand, respect, button pushing, irony, politics, black and white vs grey, choices and religion. We got loud, we got animated, at one point June pulled out her Bible (I got so excited I nearly peed), I cried from pride and when Kelly finally had to pull herself away, we parted with hugs and I love you's.

Who won the debate? We both did. Neither of us gave an inch. One did not open the eyes of the other or changed the others stance but we both won. We won because we managed to do something we've never managed to do before. We "discussed" and he "Listened" but we did not fight.


Peace ~

Today I'm grateful for:

debating. There is NOTHING like a debate to get your mind moving and your blood flowing. It's exciting and new and if done right, always ends in someone learning something. Occasionally it's even me.

learning. I discovered that I go to a whole new level when I debate. A level I don't like and I'm feeling icky about it. I've prayed and I believe I'm forgiven. However I've not let myself off the hook yet. Next time I will take another rout.

eating dinner at the "kids" table. It took me on an adventure and I liked the ride.

June pulling out her Bible and READING IT.

knowing she is capable of believing. That's enough for me.

listening and learning. Shhhh, DO NOT tell her she taught me anything.

morning workouts. Today was the first day of the new schedule. I am back to sprinting in the morning. This weight MUST come off. I've had enough.

morning writing. I wish I could eek out more than 15 minutes of writing time, but if that's all I'm afforded I'll be grateful for it. My book should be complete by 2020. Lord willing.

walking. Walking with the dog is something I really enjoy. What I can't figure out is why, at 6PM when I could be out walking, I'm sitting on the couch instead. What is it in me that does that? I'll be grateful when I figure out what it is and spork it to death.

self censorship. I've learned over the years, that there are SOME things I just should not share. They are between me and God and that's just fine by me.

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  1. Ooh Love it! Great message....Dee