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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day 294 - The Dedication


This morning I get a call from my mother. She's been doing what mothers do when their kids write a book. I seriously need to make this woman my publicist, but I first have to break her of the habit of wanting to buy the world a copy and get her to encourage others to buy it.

Anyway, she did what she does, she bought a friend of hers a copy of my book. This friend wanted it signed. Given that I'm 900 miles away, she asked my mother to sign it for her. My mother called me and asked my permission. I know right? So I tell her "Sure Mom, write anything you want. I trust you."

This morning she calls me and reads me what she wrote. I cried. Damn that woman loves me. I always knew that, but to know she admires me? Well that's a gift I will never, ever forget.

Thank you Mommy. I love you madly.

Beth Ann ~

Today I'm grateful for:

extraordinary dedications. When Oprah gets off her lazy booty and finally calls, I'm taking my mom with me to sign them all.

my mom's love. Today I say a prayer for those who, for whatever reason, have not felt the extraordinary love of a mother. There is nothing like it to make you feel right with the world.

my man. He loves me more than a new corvette. Wow dude, that's epic!

heading off an anxiety attack at the pass. It seems we've managed to piss off our neighbors. We've had an egging and a puking in our front yard. For some reason this produced in me my first anxiety attack in more than 20 years. I felt it coming and I exhaled, prayed and unclenched. Damn if it didn't work. How about them apples?

free lunch. I'm headed to the Realtors Trade Show for a bag full of pens, sticky notes, magnets and other trade show fodder. Oh, and one of those free rubber chicken lunches. Hey, it's quality time with boss 1 and the office mates outside the office. I'm in. I CALL JUMP SEAT!

the power of prayer.

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