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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Day 283 - Goodbye Wilbur


Today was an awesome day. It's Sunday. I love Sundays. This Sunday was a particularly good one. Pastor Rick reviewed and the congregation spoke. I got extra hugs from Ms. Mary, I made waffles and bacon for dinner. But the best part? Well, the BFF and I spent the day together. She helped me say goodbye to Wilbur. We crawled all over downtown. I got 462 usable photos and an afternoon full of memories.

Oh, and the bonus? It was Zombie Day in Downtown Jacksonville. Wait till you see THOSE photos.

Wilbur is now cleaned and charged and restocked and ready to go home. I borrowed him for a week back in June. It's time. Thank you Tara and Jim for your amazing kindness and generosity.

I'm happy but I'm tired. I want to go soak in a nice hot tub and prepare for the Monday Blitz.

Peace ~

Today I'm grateful for:

Sundays and cameras named Wilbur and BFF's and Zombies.

a good day.

being tired with reason

Pixies that get in the shower without being asked.

gold coin's


a weekend in St. Augustine with family to look forward to.

both my BFF's. They rock

sleepy hamsters

462 photos

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