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Monday, October 11, 2010

Day 284 - Crawl of the Zombies

I learned something new yesterday. Zombies crawl cities just like photographers. There were camera's everywhere! Even the Zombies had them.

So, I walked amung them and I learned a few things.

First thing is that a camera is a magic zombie protection amulet. If you're wearing one they don't try and eat your brains and are actually quite friendly.

Zombies can be quite introsective


Like to stay hydrated
and they like beer

congragate around water

Those that fear Zombies lose their ability to spell
and shower

come in a wide veriety of shapes and sizes
Some even sprout horns.

Some even have proffesions
drag queens

They even spawn young

In they end I learned that, besides their aweful taste in music (psst....I like this group. Please don't tell my mother), Zombies are just like you and me. Don't fear the Zombie, and quit with the slaying. Live and let live dye? Rot? Ambulate?

Peace ~

Today I'm grateful for:

Zombies. They were great fun and good sports.

packing up the camera. Tara's camera has ceased to be Wilbur and is now just Tara's camera. I am ready to return him and excited to show Tara all he it can do.

16,492 photos. I made great use of the gift I was given.

faith. What I need will come in time. Until then I must be patient. It will not come in my time, but in Gods and my vision of what I need and his may be distinctly different.

the prayer "Thy will be done". It keeps me from doing anything stupid. helps.

mixing zombies and God in the same post. That's just

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