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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day 278 - Bible Camp C'est Fin


Today's list is the last list I made while away and it is by far my favorite. I remember what I felt the day I wrote it. My heart was warm, my mind was at peace, my camera was full and I was on my way home to my slice of paradise.

Day 271 - I Found Amazing

I've been in an airport or plane since 10:00 AM. That's roughly 6 hours now. At the moment I'm cursing at 3,000 feet somewhere over Virginia. I've had surprisingly little time to think.

It's been an amazing 6 days but not in the way I expected when I left home. When I left home I thought I knew exactly how God was going to feed my soul. After all, I was going to Bible Camp right?

While the speaker was great and she hammered the nail and introduced me to Mary Everybody, she is not the one who made it so amazing.

I found amazing in the courage of my Aunties pain. I found it in Deb's quiet concern of her mother's harm. I found amazing in Nancy's concern for my other's nerves in the face of a brain bruise. I found it in Georgia's tears and her love of Connecticut.

I found amazing in the mist on a Civil War Graveyard. I found it in the sound of a hammer and nails. It resonated in a church bells chiming in a Connecticut afternoon. I found amazing once again in Paula's secret garden and a blooming Crown of Thorns. I found amazing in my Auntie saying to me "you're such a positive person Beth Ann, you don't even know."

I found amazing in my mom's "I want to try but I don't know how." And in her hand squeezes. 8 squeezes spelling out "I L O V E Y O U" I found amazing in bookends. Me the eldest, him the youngest. I found amazing in just how much he looks like him.

I found amazing in 2 airports, 4 planes, 6 days, 3 aunties, 12 cousins and yeah, Bible Camp too.

Peace ~

Today I'm grateful for:

finding amazing



texts from Georgia

mom home safe

flying home

smooth air

work tomorrow

my man tonight. Lord how I've missed him

2 year plans.

the end of paper and pen lists. My handwriting is atrocious and my hand is cramping. Boy I write a lot!

calling "Jump Seat!"

my day w/ Georgia. Yay, it's worth a repeat.

my 3 ghost guest writers who have not missed a beat, saved the day and showed me up. You guys rock. Thank you!

The very last Amazing thing before I left for home?
A family dinner.
Grandma & Grandpa w/ all 5 kids
The last time that happened?
I was too young to remember
The Lord smiled on us that night

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