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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Day 275 - Bible Camp in Review Vol. 3


Day 269 - Cousins, Crisis and Camp

Saturday afternoon I was happily engrossed in jewelry class. I was giggling merrily at my own little joke "I'm making an necklace for an atheist in Bible camp.....get it?" My cousin Debbie sits across from me smiling sweetly and pretending to find my lame joke funny when in rushes another of our cousins Donna. She shouts "Debbie, come quick, your mother fell!" "You better come too Beth Ann, it's bad"

Over the next 5 hours I raced on country roads behind an ambulance and I held my cousins hand. Her mother Nancy, also my cousin had fallen and struck her head on a HUGE rock so hard it bruised her brain.

While we waited for Doctors, Labs, CAT scans, & transportation to a larger, better equipped hospital we talked. We caught up on decades apart. We plotted secret parties, and we hugged. The best part of the night? I discovered the real reason I was here, in this moment in time. God said "Pssst, Beth Ann, You're welcome"

While I never want Nancy hurt again, I am blessed to have had a chance to spend time with them both. Deb is an awesome human and I'm blessed to have her in my family and I'm doubly blessed to know her a little better. In crisis comes blessing. Nancy is recovering nicely at home. 200 campers and staff is some mighty prayer indeed.

Speaking of staff. I mentioned racing to the hospital down country roads right? OK, so, I have a broken internal compass. I mean NO sense of direction AT ALL. My regular readers have laughed at me with me many times before over this fact. Now, Nancy and Deb are safely on their way via ambulance to Dartmouth Hospital and I am left to make my way back to camp. "Um, God, I'm REALLY going to need you here because I have NO idea how I'm going to do this."

It's now after 9AM and completely dark. I am at Spear Hospital in Plymouth NH and I need to get to Camp Berea in Hebron on the lake. Well God smiled on me. My mother had spoken to a beaded GPS angel named Jason. Jason came to my rescue. He was the voice on the line in the darkness. He tried to talk me in "He said, go right in the traffic circle." I said "Right? Traffic Circle? Oops." he said "Where are you now?" I said "I don't know" he said "tell me what you see" I said "a Storage place" he said "Pull over now, I'm coming to get you" and he did. Well past his quitting hour and way above the call of duty he came and got me and guided me back to camp. He was the seeing eye dog to this service animal and I am forever grateful.

Oh, you don't know about the service animal gag? Well, last year at camp, my mother (nearly blind) and my Auntie (VERY nearly blind) could not see their way to the bond fire. I had been playing pack mule for these two all weekend, now I was the seeing eye dog upgraded to "service animal" Well, these two picked up on that joke and played it ALL weekend. Only now, I have a service animal name. They have dubbed me "Lola" but at least I'm not alone. Deb is my fellow service animal and she dubbed herself "Stella" She did this because she wanted her mother to have to stand out on the porch and yell "STELLA!" See? I told you  my cousin was cool :)



Woof ~
Today I'm grateful for:

Nancy being OK and safe at home.

Getting to know my cousin Deb better

being in the right place, at the right time, for the right reason

plotting surprises with a high Nancy. If you knew Nancy, this would make you snort your coffee

Love. It flows like water

Voice in the dark. Jason, you rock dude.

the doctors and staff of Spear Memorial Hospital. Nancy was in kind, capable, loving hands.

Deb Davies. She is my cousin, my family, my bunk mate. I love her to bits and pieces. I saw her in a crisis and she was a rock.

getting to Georgia's finally! Every. Single. Time. I try to get to Georgia's house I get lost and she has to come get me. NOT THIS TIME! *booty dances*

I managed to make it to the bond fire
Lola did her job with pride.

tonight was costume night.
don't my mom make the cutest bobby Soxer ever??

Nancy's the one with the camera

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