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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day 264 - To List or Not to List? That is the Question

You can tell they are sisters. They LOOK so much alike.
All I can say is "Looks are deceiving"


I'm doing what I normally do prior to a trip. I obsess about what to pack without actually packing anything until the last possible minute. Now, some things go without saying. My camera is always packed and ready to go. Before such essentials as underwear and deodorant, the camera is ready. But what my brain chooses to obsess about at 2AM is the laptop.

I want to carry on. I have a very tight connecting flight at BWI and simply do not have time to retrieve my bag from the carousel of hell. So, this means 2 bags only. Not 3. And my purse counts as one, my suitcase as 2 and my laptop case as 3. See my problem? Without the laptop I can't do my list. The truth is, I may not be able to do my list WITH the laptop. Camp Berea may not have wireless. It is a CAMP after all.

As of tomorrow I will have gone 265 out of 365 days of my little "365 adventure" without missing a single day. But what's this trip all about? It's about growing my relationship with God and with these women who share my family tree. It's not about a laptop or a list. BUT my list keeps me grounded and forces me, at least for a few moments a day, to look past the minor inconveniences of life, the one that can be blown up to look all encompassing, and see that my day was good. Yes, even on days when Atholes! invade.

So, my choice is to leave the laptop safely at home with the hubby who would LOVE to have it all to himself for a few days OR take up valuable suitcase space in load it in there. To let go of the list for just a few days and trust, that if I am meant to post, God can handle Internet access.

It's a no-brainer really. As Ms. Amy would say "If he could party the red sea, is a little bread and a quail really a big deal?" This weekend is about God and women. Not about the list. My list will be in my heart but I will live it and not write it. I will see if I can find someone to ghost write for me for a few days. If not, I'll simply lean into God and believe.

Peace ~

Today I'm grateful for:

not listing but believing.

ghost writers and their new perspectives. I can't wait to see what they come up with. I'm setting it free. At least for 6 days.

the anticipation of fall. Mom said weather is 70° in the day and 50° at night with rain forecast for all 4 days. This thrills me to no end. It's the perfect fall weather. With luck a few trees will have started to turn and I can get some typical touristy type of shots. 4 days of fall is just perfect. Leaves me wanting more but quites the bite to my craving. Sitting here in my sunny Florida office I can almost smell the wood burning in the fireplace and taste the strong hot coffee. *sighs*

good company. If I have to leave my little slice of paradise and my favorite human, at least it's to be in the company of extraordinary women.

God. He whispered, I listened. We will see what he's got cooking.

jalapeno Pringles. I fell off the wagon again. *looks ashamed* Don't judge me to harshly. They sang the sirens call and lured me in.

resisting the urge. No, no, not about the Pringles. I caved like a house of cards. But on this one? No. I believe.

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