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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day 265 - Gettin Ghostly Whit it


Happy Good Morning My Loyal Stalkers:

Just wanted to let you know that for the next 6 days the list is going ghostly. 3 wonderful, generous people have offered their time, their effort and their words to keep the list going. Today we are 100 days from the end of the year and thanks to them, we just may make it. They are simply wonderful and I know the list is in far superior hands than mine with them at the helm.

Sarah Fish Colligan I've "known" for *guesses* 4 years? I met her in sand box of lovely kittens. She is a fellow gratitude seeker, a photographer, a Godly woman and a friend. Though I've never met her I could think of few others that understand just what this list means to me and how it's changed my life.

Amy Geiger That's right folks THE Ms. Amy herself! Director of Children's Ministries at the Church at Argyle. The ever supportive, ever sunny, ever lovely Ms. Amy of the huge Heart and member of my fav. 5. When God whispered to me "Ghost Writers" Ms. Amy is who came to mind first. She is stepping out of her comfort zone to do this for me. She said yes because I asked. I can't wait to see what God leads her to do.

George Bruck he and his wife adopted me during my Pirate days. He is my political doppelganger. He writes what's in my head much better than I can. He will balance out the ladies quite nicely. He understands the list and gives it a male perspective. I'm looking forward to seeing what he has in store. I hope know the list will give him what it gives me. It's magic don't'cha know. Oh, and his wife Terry is hot. I'm just sayin...

Starting tomorrow and for 6 days the list is gettin Ghostly Whit It. My only concern is that I may not be able to follow what they lay down. Stand by my dear stalkers for you are in for an interesting ride.

See you in 6 days



Today I'm grateful for:

ghost writers. Have I said thank you to you guys yet? THANK YOU!!


leaning into God and setting it free. After all, it's not about me.

Bible camp and Godly women. Throw in a little fall and it's going to be an extraordinarily good time.

my man. He said "Have I ever told you how sexy you are when you're cookin dinner?" That's right ladies, that's MY man. I'm leaving thing 1 and thing 2 in charge of him while I'm gone. Not that I don't trust you or anything....

fall. The only thing I miss in my slice of paradise.

Southern Nights. What can I say, it just makes me happy when I hear it. And livin them ain't bad either.

I leave you in good hands.

Peace ~

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  1. Praying for peace and traveling mercies while you soak it up Beth!! Love how you see me cuz it makes me wanna keep trying and living for Christ and believing that I can. Thanks for trusting me to not screw this beautiful list up too badly on my two opportunities to publicly express gratitude. Again, I'm not worthy but I am honored. Love you, Amy