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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day 262 - Black and White


Yesterday was my turn. All those weekends of putting off what "I" wanted was rewarded and boy, was I rewarded. Far beyond what I deserved. Rewarded to the point of humility.

Yesterday the girls let me do a photo shoot. One I've been planning for and thinking about since Kelly's return. I've been plotting, scheming, the wheels have turned and then it came.....Black and White.

The girls picked location one, I picked location two. I was a bad girl and made poor choices. The night before I had to lead the 4th grade to respect, before my second interview for "Called to 66", before Sunday brunch with the in-laws, I chose to stay up till 1:30PM editing photos from the shoot.

All I can say is that God gave me 2 stunning daughters and placed some of the most stunning images ever on my camera memory card.

He's carried me through the day and blessed me. Only 7 freaks for 30 minutes thanks to Mr. Steve got me though the morning. Ms. Amy's open and willing spirit made for a much improved interview and well, Sunday brunch was family goodness as always. Though we missed the other mother.

I'm sleepy and in need of a nap but you know what? I'd do it again and I'm not even sorry. I've edited 28 out of 206. I see a few more late nights ahead.


Peace ~

Today I'm grateful for:

black and white that's not black and white.

Exodus interview with Ms. Amy. We learned a few things. 1) ALWAYS bring extra batteries. B) iPod's make fairly good backup cameras. 3) Ms. Amy gives her FULL heart always. D) interviews held NOT in the cafe have much improved sound quality. 5) several short videos are MUCH easier to handle than ONE large. Next interview? Do I dare? Ms. Amy said "Go for it" but I'm still unsure. More prayer is needed.

amazingly beautiful daughters. I'm grateful they're beautiful inside and out.

girlie fun. We had a blast running around 5 Points. People looking on and watching. I felt almost professional :)

nice people! There were MANY people who were soooo nice! They saw the shoot and stopped and waited for me to say "Oh, I'm sorry, go ahead" not ONE person walked between the camera and the subject. Dude, that's so huge you have NO idea.

photos from God. I pulled some of these off my camera and I knew "I" had not taken them. I'm not nearly good enough.

saved Photos. We went inside very near the start of the shoot. I changed the ISO to 1600 to get the shot. Then carried on with the shoot OUTSIDE in the bright sunshine. Um, yeah, not so professional now am I? How those were not so washed out as to be unusable is beyond me. Oh, and I REPEATEDLY forgot to turn the camera on till the shutter would not release. "Um, yeah, Beth. Professional...sure"

successful photo shoots. I can't WAIT for my mom to see these.

Sunday's. I just love them. I thought I told you already. I didn't? My bad

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