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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 258 - Waaaay to Busy

Life has taken a turn for the busy so if I neglect my facebook status updates please understand I'm waaaay to busy living my fabulous life.

If I fail to worry about tomorrow it's because I'm waaaaay to busy studying the facial expressions of the teenage sect and deciphering their vernacular.

If I fail to brood over little annoyances, it's because I'm waaaaay to busy taking full advantage of 2nd chances to laugh in public at the comedic antics of the Dorkfish.

If I fail to work a double double shift to get caught up, it's because I'm waaaaaay to busy admiring the beauty around me.

If I fail to take myself too seriously, it's because I'm waaaaay to busy wishing on shooting stars that disguise themselves as jets.

If I fail, forgive me please. For I'm way to busy stalking reflections to worry about what other's think of me.


Peace ~

Today I'm Grateful for:

being waaaaay to busy with the good stuff to sweat the small guano.

my man. Master of the DVR, gate keeper of the bat cave, orchestrator of the Reed Family Chaos, epic hand holder and co-pilot of my blessed life.

2nd chances. This time I stay present and I do it right.

chai tea and jelly beans. Because after all, there is ALWAYS time for them.

another Godprint brought to me my Andy Stanley. This morning's podcast? The story of Moses and his time management issues. "I get it Lord. I'm behind schedule and waaaaay to busy."

getting it. My list is important to me however it does not need to be epic. 3 or 4 well meant gratitude's then off to LIVE a life of gratitude is a much better use of my time. So I'm off to live my life. Because after all....I'm waaaaay to busy.

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