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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 259 - Routine

Routine may refer to:
Routine, as a course of normative, standardized actions or procedures that are followed regularly, often repetitiously
Choreographed routine, orchestrated dance involving several performers
Comedy routine, comedic act or part of an act
Visual routine, visual cognitive means of extracting information from a scene
Routine activity theory, sub-field of criminology
Routine (SWT), first of four stories in the second issue of the Star Wars Tales series
Routine Irregular, 2002 debut album by the British metal band Fony
Routine Valor, 2006 Star Wars comic book by Dark Horse Comics
Subroutine, reused piece of computer code
Coroutine, generalized reentrant computer subroutine having multiple entry points
Ethnomethodology, sociological discipline focused on the methods groups use to create societal order

Take a routine graphic tee
wrap it in Plexiglas
hang it on the wall with other routine graphic tees
and you have art


I have a new routine. Yesterday was my first day of executing it from alarm off to alarm on. It was productive, less stressful and at the end of the day I felt good. Like I accomplished something. So far today as followed suit. I know routines are not absolute. They must be deviated from occasionally and updated from time to time. But it feels good to have one again. It's been quite awhile.

Routines are subjective. I mean come on, there is a some guy, out in the plains of Africa that's waking to the first rays of the sun saying "I've got to feed the elephants today." To me, that sounds much more exotic than "I need to power up the laptop and tap out at least 2 paragraphs before work." But who knows, perhaps to Elephant Guy that sounds exciting.

I think I'll view my life thought the eyes of Elephant Guy. I wonder what he'll think of an iPod concert and a fish bath?

Peace ~

Today I'm grateful for:

an exotic routine. What? Elephant boy said so.

3 more paragraphs and getting past the first big hurtle to my story.

working out. I worked out last night. Did a full treadmill routine. I survived but it wern't pretty.

corned beef & cabbage for dinner tonight.

the journey through Exodus begins tonight. Andy Stanley and Ms. Amy have me pumped.

catching up. I am slowly digging my way out of the paper battlefield that is my office. The keys are done, the owner statements are done, past due invoices are up, next will be all those verbal work orders, then new vendors in the system then DONE! *breaks out into a premature booty dance at the thought*

boss 2's offer to let me and the man tag along when he and boss 1 clean out the company accounts and head for Barbados. I'll pass, I like my life here, but it was nice to be included.

my awesome office. I actually get stuff done in here. Go figure.

God. Cuz theirs nothing routine about him.

 a spontaneous combustion of dance Routines


  1. I wanna be elephant guy!! But... I also wanna be laptop girl... Is there a healthy combonation of both maybe?? I love that you're getting your book going Mom! I want the first copy, you know excluding Oprah when she asks..
    Love you!!!

  2. BTW Awesome choice of video to post! And anyone that doesn't watch it is a LOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!