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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day 257 - Tuesay's are Mean


Tuesday's are mean. They really are. Mean. Just plain mean. But they are weak. Like bullies in the school yard. When you stand up to them and say "Back off!" They cower in the corner until you let your guard down. Then they nip at your heals like a pissed off chiwawa. But if your vigilant and keep your eye on them you can keep them at bay.

Watch out for ninja chiwawa's & falling Tuesday's.

Peace ~

Today I'm Grateful for:

pretty eyes. They watch my back.

freebee books. OK, so Oprah won't call and Ellen thinks I'm a smart ass but it don't matter. My book has been set free. Want a copy? Just click the link and download a copy. Free for you, but only cuz you're special. Oh....and hot.

Google Docs. This is awesome! You can upload docs and either keep it completely private or allow some to just see, or some to edit or even download. It totally rocks! When working on book 1 it would drive me crazy that I had to keep updating. If I changed at work I had to update at home and vice versa. This way, I create a .doc and I can work on it anytime from any computer. Then, in 2049 when it's done I can email the link to my editor, she can correct it directly, then I can send the link directly to publishers who can download or pint a single page or the entire manuscript. FREAKIN AWESOME DUDE!

pumpkin kisses. Ms. Julies man brought some in for her and she shared. I don't like the taste much but the color is like a sunset in kiss form. I like to look at them a lot more than I like to eat them.

God. He gave me another brain itch. He made me get out of bed early and write some before work. This was the PERFECT time to write. It's completely quiet. No distractions. I got 3 paragraphs of book two and a good working title. "My Story: A work of Truth in Fiction"

a new morning routine. Up at the 2nd alarm and NOT the 12th, walk the dog, say my prayers and quite time with God then write for 15-20 minutes before I begin the rest of my day. It started my day off right. I even managed to leave the house early enough to stop on the bridge and take a few shots of that amazing ball of yellow life. I hope they turn out!

warding off the meanness. Tuesday's have the meanness. My new morning routine and pumpkin kisses help me ward off the nipping chiwawa. *enjoys the visual of punting Tuesday's*

my man. Work is giving him a very hard time but he is keeping it at bay. He may be quite but he is present. What more can we ask? I love him madly.

Ms. Amy's visual of Exodus. It's got my brain itching good!

dodging Tuesday's. Oh no you don't! Not me! Not today!

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