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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day 255 - Attack of the Mall Rat


Something told me June was feeling a little left out. Since the return of the prodigal daughter the Pixie went from being the center of our world back to the "Little Sister". So, in order to give her a little special attention, we instituted "June Day".

So, if you're a 13 year old girl and you can do anything you want, what do you choose? A new hair cut, a trip to the mall and BLT's. We added some Aunt Annie's, sisterly fun, church, and baking chocolate chip cookies to the mix and the Pixie called the first ever "June Day" a success.

Me? I call it a totaly rad Sunday.

Peace ~

Today I'm grateful for:

fun with hats. The Pixie is most definitely a hat person.

Books-a-million. I Love this store! You can have HUGE fun in this store. They let you read, and play and shoot stuff too! It was awesome dude.

successful water shots. They're not the best I've ever taken but I learned something. The idea was successful though. The book says "to get a proper water shot, don't illuminate the water, illuminate what you want reflected in the water." So, since I'm a sky freak and natural light is THE best light imaginable I figured "Take the water outside and see if I could get the sky reflected in the shot."

Happy Birthdays. The Other mother said we done did good.

BFF's. Mine and hers.

the best gum ever! It tasted like feet but then, I don't love it for the actual gum.

Football Sunday. It's the first day of regular season. My hubby is so happy he's nearly wagging his tail. This makes me happy.

God. He saw fit to give me an amazing weekend and healed my heart enough to notice it. My life rocks dude.

BLT's. It's a bacon thing.

Sunday. The best day of the week.

Life. Glorious life. Just when you think you have it figured out, it throws you a curve. If you go with the flow and stop fighting against the tide, you have energy left to enjoy the mall. Me? I HATE the mall but I must admit, today's trip was the best since "I" was a 13 year old girl. Thank you June xoxo

The BEST treat of the day?

It makes me giggle every damn time

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  1. I think June day was an awesome idea. Not only does she deserve it just because you hit the good behavior jack pot with her but, the last thing I want is to affect her life negatively EVER AGAIN.