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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Day 254 - 911


Wow, 9 years? Really?

I Remember
Beth Reed

I remember how they tried to rob us of our collective breath
How on that day of death and hate their plan failed in it's success
Mourn we did but not alone, shoulder to shoulder and tear to tear
we all remember and they are still here

2,977 souls, no Jew, no Muslim, no atheist, no christian 
Innocent blood shed but not no soul lost
for now they live in those who remember,
The Jew, the Muslim, the Atheist, the christian and me

I remember where I was, what I wore and what I saw
I remember fear and pain and hope and rage
I remember a renewed sense of national pride
I remember those few saved and too many lost
I remember the heroes and forget the villains

Today I remember but refuse to mourn
I will remember

I suck at poetry but this was in my head and it had to come out. Now I'm off to remember it's Saturday, that it's my Other Mother's 71st birthday, that "I" am still alive thanks in part to those that died 9 years ago and in part to those who live and fight for me far from home.

I will honor both by enjoying my life despite those who feel I have no right to it. Despite those of my own kind who still feel the need to hate.

I till create the water photo I've composed in my head, I will do my chores, I will take a pixie to cut her strawberry locks, I will shower the Other Mother with love and birthday joy and I will remember.

Peace ~

Today I'm Grateful for:

2,977 souls who changed the world and live on in it.

God's grace. It was by his grace I was not there, they were saved, I was not one of them.

forgiveness. It's not a two way street and it has to start somewhere.

the Other Mother. She is 71 today. I will celebrate her life.

a quite house. It won't be that way for long but it's nice while it lasts.

starting the day out right. Throw Prayer and Gratitude in a bowl first and see what comes out.

long walks with a short hamster. He slept like a rock last night.

remembering, living, honoring and thriving. The best revenge is not a life well lived. It's the absence of hate.

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  1. You are right Mom. One thing about it being the World Trade Center is there was no one religion, skin color, or bias. They killed indiscriminately and we mourned indiscriminately. You are also right that we had our time to mourn and mow all we can do is remember and be unified through one unjust mass murder. They do still live. People like you keep them alive in out minds. I love you.