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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Day 250 - Email is Scarey

Another contender for "Science in Motion"
What do you think?


I worked yesterday. I was not the only one that had to work and in fact, I was not the only one in my office working. However, it did feel like the 3 of us were on an island in the middle of nowhere. Until this morning that is.

I spent the day emailing statements. Financial statements that are supposed to go out once a month. Statements that had not been emailed out since June.

Yeah, um, my email inbox has exploded.

I now know I am not on an island.

Wish me peace.

Peace ~

Today I'm grateful for:

email. Cuz if I had to actually face the angry mob I'm afraid of what they'd do to me.

the pink sharpie of charm. I'm going to need it big time today *flourishes it madly and with an air of desperation*

avoiding my inbox. I know what's in there. I'm going to avoid it until after I refill and recharge my gratitude.

unclenching practice. Yeah, if I can unclench whilst reading all that hate mail I'll be an unclenching ninja master. *counts* one...two....three..... *unclenches*

the BBC series "Life" We enjoyed fishes and birds last night though we fell asleep during bugs.

my job. Even with email I love my job. I love the man's job too cuz without his job I could not afford to keep mine.

grace. I'm going to reply to all these angry owners with the grace God has given me. I will be sincere and apologetic and I will pray LOTS. I know me, I take this crap personal. I will NOT DO THAT. I will own the fact that my email reminded them that their statements were 2 months behind. I will apologize and assure them that the merger mess is over and this will not happen again. I will not say "Look you jack-ass, you didn't even notice they were missing TILL YOU GOT THEM!" *shakes it off* No, I won't say their face.

GRACE. Cuz reading the above shows me I didn't get it the first time. "Dear Lord, please help me connect to the river of grace you placed within me. Help me to stay humble and reply to each email the way you would have me. Help me remember the golden rule and practice it. Help me to stay unclenched. This I pray in Jesus name. Amen"

Grace. Just cuz I need a triple dose.

the sky this morning. It was perfect and soothing and my Godprint for the day.

music. It will keep me balanced and centered today. No matter what comes my way.

my list. I got into work nearly a 1/2 hour early. This is what I did with my time. This and a cup of coffee. I can think of no better way to start my day. Right.....let’s get do this

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  1. **does impression of Dad** "GRACE!!" I like your prayer. What is this un-clenching you speak of? You would think I would have the muscles of Hulk with how clenched my muscles have been the last four years...