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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 243 - A Happy Good Morning Type of Person


I was having a conversation with Kelly this morning and we were discussing pessimist vs. optimist vs. realist. I said something to the effect that "I'm a pessimist by genetics but I'm striving to be a realist." and I went on to explain.

So, yeah, I was full of....Yeah, I'll keep it clean for Ms. Amy *waves to Ms. Amy* and say, I was full of pooh.

I am a pessimist. I was born that way. This is true. I'm just not the "Happy Good Morning!" type of person. Where I lied was in saying I didn't want to be a "Happy Good Morning!" kind. I did, I do, and I'm working hard to be so. I thought I had given up on becoming so, then I realized I was setting myself up to fail, and I was cautioning Kelly about the dangers of reaching to far past our limitations and "setting ourselves up to fail"

Dear Kelly,

Don't listen to your mother. She once was a pessimist by choice and conditioning, not genetics, in the journey to become a "Happy Good Morning!" type of person, she became a realist, which, as Pastor Hal would say is "Headed in the right direction" I will blaze the trail my dear daughter and reaching that elusive state I will camp there and wait for you. I'll be the one holding up the giant neon sign that says "You can do it Cupcake!"

I ask only one thing in return. If you get there before me, have an Iced Soy Chai Tea Latte waiting for me. Cuz it's going to be one hell of a climb. I'm'a be tirrred

Now, which one of us is going to bring Lisa? *waves to Lisa* You commin Eldest Cupcake?

June's already there with Dad. They were born there so they can't help us with directions. *waves to June & the man*

Oh, and Grandma! Lord, that one needs a whip and a chair. *grins and waves to Mommy* Love mommy! No fair hitting!

Love you,

Today I'm grateful for:

reaching past my means. When I stretch, I am always amazed where I end up.

Kelly. She had the floors cleaned & the house straightened when I got home. Dude, that was epic. Even if she did let the dog clean the kitchen floor.

big pink bikes. I'm gonna ride. My body is screaming for exercise and the hamster is nearly insane from lack of it.

Ms. Julie. The epitome of a "Happy Good Morning" type of person. She has no meanness. When she is in need of the meanness, I step in for her. NO ONE yells at Ms. Julie while I'm around. *thumps chest*

God. Cuz the stuff that falls out of my head and into a blog has to come from someplace. I blame God.

enduring the stress with more grace and humility than I ever thought I was capable of. Yeah, I blame God for that too.

having it be as OK as it has been. Kelly move in. I'm not ashamed to admit I a) was not exactly excited and b) was a little frightened. It's been a week today and not only has it not been frighting, it's been healing and sweet and respectful and FUN.

God. Yeah again, cuz he had a plan and I was suspicious of his plan, but it turns out his plan was a good one. "Sorry I doubted you big guy"


  1. I love you so much Mom, and maybe we'll reach optimism hand in hand. When we reach Dad and June we'll run past them and they'll be going, "Hey wait up!" Wait a sec... Was that just optimistic. Ooo, scary...

  2. I'm what I would call a pessimistic realist... Unfortunately, lately, my reality is on the pessimistic side.... HOWEVER... I am striving to become a realist. I just think that it comes with age... age, too many kids, and a man who is dragging me to positivity by my ponytail, lol. Love you both!