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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day 241 - A Lesson in Lasagna


On a day like this, you'd think I'd have little to blog about. Maybe "it rained and I sat on the couch watching football. Peace~" but no. On a rain soaked day like today, locked in a house with the dynamic duo and a half crazed hamster in desperate need of exercises, adventure abounded around every corner. My little slice of Paradise where the wild things are, fed me in all possible ways.

Edit: For only the 2nd time in the list's history, I'm doing an edit. The Pixie reminded me of our conversation on the way to church this morning. It had us both laughing so hard I promised to put it in today's post. Ooops, my bad. So, here it goes...

On the way to church this morning the Pixie and I somehow managed to get on the topic of dad's bad case of stinky butt. Long ago, in the dark ages, my father started blaming his stinky butt on "Barking Spiders" and my husband picked it up. So when we were making mention of the "barking spiders" the Pixie had a verbal hick-up and spit out "Farking Biters". The conversation only went downhill from there so I'll save you the details and just say that many giggles later we decided telling Nanny about the "Farking Biters" in Church may be a bad idea.

I think this is what a "Farking Biter" looks like. 
Look, you can see it smirking!


I've been ordered by the dynamic duo to share with you my 38 loyal stalkers the dream I had Friday night. So, I will set a good example and do as I'm told.

But first I interrupt this post with a message from your sponsor....

The proper way to fold laundry.....Walk like an Egyptian

Now back to your regularly scheduled blog...

OK, so Friday night I had a dream. In this dream I'm sitting at my computer typing up a blog post. I was blogging about a dream I'd had the night before but I was frustrated. I was stuck on how to spell something.

Mow mow poe poe

moh moh pow pow

mo mo poh poh

moe moe powe powe

moo moo poo poo

ARRRRRG! Apparently in the dream I had in this dream; I had been driving past several police cars on the road and I wanted to blog about it. In my usual "Beth" way I wanted to express the extraordinary amount of police cars I had passed but spellcheck was not cooperating.

To summarize....

I was dreaming that I was blogging about a dream I had had and was frustrated that I could not spell "Mo Mo Po Po" properly.

I rarely remember dreams. MAYBE once a year and THIS is the dream I remember?

Yes my dear stalkers, I am THAT weird.


I wanted to take the girls to Friendship fountain for a night shoot but due to the rain that was canceled all weekend. Determined to get some new shots I grabbed the camera and explored my little wet world.

What happens when I leave my house unexpectedly?

I get stalked...

In my back yard you'll find toadstools, hamsters, and lizards oh my...


Since it was raining and dad was stuck at work, we decided it would be a great day for a lesson in lasagna. Kelly was mentioning how she was craving lasagna and no lasagna would do but mine. To her, mine is how home tastes.


noodles were boiled, beef and sausage were browned with LOTS of garlic

Great conversation and fun was had

Like a bazillion kinds of cheese were mixed with herbs and spices and some eggs

All the parts were put together to make on yummy, gooey, cheesy pan of home spun goodness 

And one our later....

Oh. My. Stars and Chickens! The Dynamic Duo made it as good if not better than Mom!

The Lasagna lesson is over, but the lasagna belly is epic!

What can I say, I love Sundays. Even rainy ones.

Peace ~

Today I'm grateful for:

shaking things up. Just look what kind of day fell out.

tasting like home. Who knew?

the dynamic duo. They made my rainy day sunny.

Lilo and Stitch. It's still my favorite movie. Though Blot and Horton Hears a Who are tied for second. Indeed, I suffer from the "Peter Pan Syndrome" and you know what? I'm OK with that.

Sundays. Why yes, it IS my favorite day of the week. How'd you know?

God. All that freaking out I was doing and all I had to do was what he told me. Dang! Wish he'da told me! bad.

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  1. Where are you now
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