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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Day 240 - Shooting


I feel like going on a random shooting spree. Just grabbing my camera and seeing what gets caught in my sites. The mushrooms in my back yard. My daughters, my dog, my man. Tonight I think I'll go downtown to the Friendship fountain for a random shooting spree. Well, as random as you can get planing it 9 hours in advance and lugging around a tripod. Then, maybe, if the girls stand still and let me shoot them, Beatles night at the planetarium laser light show.

Throw in some grocery shopping, laundry and dinner at Chick-fil-a and you have my recipe for a restorative Saturday. What do you have planned?

Peace ~

Today I'm Grateful for:

shooting sprees. Last one I had was in Paula's magic garden and I captured some of the most beautiful images of my life. I've learned, it's not me. It's the equipment and the subject and me all colliding.

Wilbur the loaner camera. I feel tremendous guilt at still having him, but not enough to stop using him. Tonight he and I have a date with a couple of girls down at the fountain. Brutus is king of the fountain. Let's see if Wilbur can knock him off his thrown.

Friendship fountain. It's the spot where I first fell in love with Jacksonville. Down at the St. Johns after dark is magic on the water.

life lessons. This morning Kelly reminded June what it was like to be the little sister.

the blue-ray. Apparently our dinosaur of a CD player does not recognize the new music format but our blue-ray does.

music on a Saturday morning.

music lessons. Kelly is sharing new tunes with me. She used to do this when she was young. It was some of our best times together and we all have such great memories wrapped around music. HOURS lost at the computer getting random tunes from the mad Dutch Bugman. Dad playing "Solsbury Hill" and 3 little girls doing their best to stop hard enough to make the *gasp* CD (remember those?) skip. Of sitting in the middle of a pile of cassettes and CD's saying "Oh! Remember this one? Dave, play this one!" and inadvertently giving my girls memories they still talk about. Today we are playing Kelly's collection of "Mixed Tapes" and inadvertently I've picked up a new memory. *watches Kelly & June's animated conversation on music as June cries out "Remember this one? Kelly, play this one!"

One of the songs Kelly recommended. It's my favorite of the day

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  1. Yesterday went so fast. Too much fun I guess...