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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 238 - The Glass is defective


I was born with a "Glass is half empty" attitude. It's been prevalent all my life. The older I got the emptier the glass looked. Just so you know, the water level never changed. It remained at half. It was my perspective that fluctuated. And OMD is fluctuated. One instant I'm hyperventilating, my life is over, the glass is empty, the liquid of my life evaporated and I'm about to die of thirst. Then, a minute and a half later, the glass has hit an artisan well and I am overflowing, drowning, and in dire need of a snorkel. At my core however, I remained solidly a "Glass is half empty" kinda girl.

Over the last few years I've been working hard to transform my perspective and my nature into a "Glass half full" one. Most of the time it feels natural and flows in and out and keeps the life liquid at half. But occasionally, like now, it feels like the glass is defective. Like a cosmic dribble glass where no matter how much I try to pump into it, it manages to do nothing but land on the front of my shirt making an ugly stain.

I know this is what my church friends call a "Season" and I know it will pass, and when I'm forced to examine the glass I realize it's no longer the glass I once had but a larger one. While the water level remains at half, it can now hold more. The "knowing" the season will pass in fact fills me. My new faith fills me. My list fills me. My job fills me. My husband fills me.

So, while my perceptive may fluctuate, the water level stays at half and my glass keeps getting larger and larger. The liquid of my life is a higher octane and an increased volume. Woah... *shakes head* That's a brain bender, a heart render, a life increaser, and a non-chemical mood stabilizer.

Peace ~

Today I'm grateful for:

49 years. My folks have been married 49 years today. If THAT don't put things in perspective I don't know what will.

Dear Mom & Dad:

Thank you for setting such a good example. Thank you for showing me what to do and what not to do. Thank you for showing me what true devotion looks like. Thank you for showing me how I want my husband to look at me. Thank you for showing me how to put someone else ahead of my self. Thank you for showing me that it's OK to hold hands and how to hold hands right. Thank you for showing me "Old People" affection is not gross but sweet. Thank you for loving each other enough to make me.

Love you two,

Beth Ann

I don't care what you say mother. THIS is the best photo of the two of you in existance.

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