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Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 232 - International Disturbed People's Day

I get this forward from my husband this morning:

"Today is International Disturbed People's Day
Please send an encouraging message to a disturbed friend... just as I've done."

He starts the email with "I don’t normally send these out, but I sure like this message. Love You!" He's right. In 23 years of marital emailing, I believe this is the FIRST forward he's ever sent me.

So what is he trying to tell me? Well it's a good thing I kept reading. It got way better and he ended up getting some "good hubby" points.

Today's Message of the Day is:

Life is short, Break the rules, Forgive quickly, Kiss slowly, Love truly, Laugh uncontrollably, And never regret anything that made you smile.

Send to all the people you care for and don't want to lose in 2010, even me..

So, I send this out to the universe.

Peace ~


Today I'm grateful for:

the quiet of my office. Behind the green door resides a happy superhero. Undisturbed by the chaos in the main office. Only her partner in superheroing knows the secret password to get in. Behind the green door the relaxed superhero sips her coffee and erodes the key mountain (which is now an ant hill) waves the magic hot pink sharpie and fixes broken toilets, garbage disposals, leaky roofs and such without ever having to leave her new ergonomically designed chair. She can be found talking to her fish Keys. "Hey Keys, It's International Disturbed People's Day. Got a lot of crazies in THIS town. We should throw a parade!"

making an ant hill from a mountain. I now have less than 50 unlabeled keys. Whooohoooo! One more double double next week and I should be done!


the man taking me to the lake. I FINALLY get to see Billy's spot at the lake. I bet there is LOTS to feed the shutterbug out there!

returning to my 3rd most favoritest spot. The Church at Argyle. It feels like I've been gone for weeks and I miss it! I was struggling for a time but being away reminded me what I was missing. This Sunday I return home. I will get Ms. Amy grins, Ms. Marry hugs, Dorcas lady love and it's Ice Cream day in God's Garage! Whooohooo!

abiding. I STILL suck at it but it's getting easier.

Bible reading. I got a few chapters in last night. I managed to not trip over any verses. It seems Jacob is making up for his bad behavior and I learned where the name Israel came from. LITERAL wrestling with God. How freakin cool is that?

cool pens. I've never outgrown the love of school supplies. At 47 I can wander the school supply isle like a kid in a candy store. However, this week I was visited by the Pen Fairy. The pen fairy deposited a collection of very cool, very colorful pens all suitably filled for office duty with black ink. How freakin cool is that? Oh, and the pen fairy left me a pink and brown quilt coaster for my Ice Cream Sunday water glass. Add this to the fish and the pay raise and you have one freakin awesome week! This sure beats what I came back to after Siesta Key!

a weekend with no long distance driving. Dude, given the last month, this is HUGE. Thank you sooooo much Tara! I know it may seem like I've kidnapped your camera but really, I just could not face the car another weekend. Thanks for understanding and forgiving me! x0x0

time at work to be grateful.

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