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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 230 - Really?

Things are calming down some here in Heth land but reality has not returned. Julie and I have taken to just looking at each other and saying "Really?" It's what keeps us sane. Well, relatively. Just yesterday Julie said "If I were not engaged and straight, I would so be in love with you." and I replied "You're already on my "women I'd do" list". We both knew 2 male agents were outside my office door listening.

While Julie and I give high quality service to the freaks of Jacksonville proper and take our jobs as Superhero 1 & 2 seriously, I am forced to admit (by my quest to be a more honest and authentic person) that we do take joy in screwing with the help where ever possible. I'll go so far as to say I have a martini glass in my office stuffed to the silver lined brim with Jelly Beans to lure them in. Once in my office I can lecture them on proper key procedure, remind them that THEY are responsible for inspecting the property before move-in, asking them to deliver signs and lock boxes, and all sorts of little "While you're here"'s. Later I get to giggle about what a grown man will do for a few jelly beans.

What can I say? I'm just not as nice as I may appear in print.

Peace ~

Today I'm grateful for:

my K machine! My mom spent way to much money on it but I am in love. I completely get objectophilia. I've named her Venus because she gives me what I most desire. She is white and she shines in the natural light that permeates my office. She speaks my language and it is the language of love. She is a little Keurig Mini-Brewer and she rocks my world. She sits in the corner of my office and I protect her from the freaks and the rif-raf.

just letting it go. This is EXTREMELY hard for me but I'm trying. I wish I didn't know but I do. Now that the proverbial cat is out of the bag I may as well name it cuz it ain't going anywhere.

the feeling I get when I let my body relax. I get so stiff and tight and never realize it till I make the effort to relax it. In that moment, when I first release the tension, it feels awesome. I know there's a lesson in there somewhere. Perhaps one day I'll learn it.

DVR. I got to see the finally of SYTYCD last night. Whoooohooo! It was go good!

my office. I know what I know, but I'm the one with the green door and the purple cape.

Kelly texts out of the blue.

Sharpies. I've given Julie the yellow sharpie but I've upgraded to a hot pink one. Hubert the cold turkey is holding it. The yellow one is the happiness stick and if you knew Ms. Julie, you'd know she's the rightful holder of the yellow sharpie. Mine is the charm stick. I wave it and all the nasty, snarling freaks, owners, vendors, agents and bosses are soothed. Then Ms. Julie finishes them off with a wave of the happy stick. We are the dynamic duo. It's a great day at Heth Realty.

still no rejection letter. As long as it does not come, I retain hope.


God. He did this to me. It's growing on me.

Life may be the highway but you're the driver.
Don't blame the road for where you end up.

Edit: for the first time EVER the list was added to after it was published but I just HAD to.

Today I'm grateful for my inbox and my VM box being empty for the first time in a month!
Dude, you just have no idea. This is epic!

*boot dances w/ Ms. Julie*

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