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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 229 - Time

There's just never enough of it to do all I want to do. I want to spend some high quality couch time with my man. I want to do my list. I want to take new photos every day. I want to edit them and post them and share them. I want to read my Bible. I want to email my cousin. I want to ride my bike and run the hamster. I want I want I want! *sulks*

Unfortunately I can't do it all and it sucks. I'm left constantly prioritizing. I have to prioritize at work and at home. Something or someone is always left off "Things to do today" list.

To all of those people and all of those things I've had to leave off my list, let me assure you that you are JUST as important to me as the things that are on the list. It's just that those on the list are louder and more insistent.


Peace ~

Today I'm grateful for:

being loved more than Trans Ams

the love, support and patience of those not on the list.

prioratizing. Each and every day I chant "I can only do what I can do. The rest is up to you" It's what keeps me sane when I need to be doing 12 things at once.

being able to do my list at work for the first time in a month. My list is a priority but my family is a higer one.

my man. Even if it seems he is never on my list.

letting go of THAT issue. I've dropped it at the feet of the Lord and I'm not taking it back. It's his to do with as he pleases.

abiding. I'm not actually abinding. I stink at it. But I know I'm suposed to and I recieved another Godprint in the form of another Andy Stanly Podcast. It seems I'm still headed in the right direction.

learning that I can't alway practice what I preach. When you take me out of my own little world and place me in a high tension, high stress envoronment, I cave. All the feel good, preachy preacy stuff falls in on itself. Why am I grateful for that? Because it teaches me empathy and humility. Lisa, I'm sorry for every time I told you to "get over it". It's much harder to do than to say. I love you.


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