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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 206 - Just ONE

The Words Wide Photo Walk 2010 was yesterday. I took 769 photos. I'm able to submit ONE photo for contest. I can't choose so I left it to my Facebook friends. So far, two I never expected to be in the running are in the lead.

This one

And this one


are in the lead while this one

is the man's favorite and the one I thought
would get the most votes.
Go figure

Today I'm grateful for:


43 photos to choose from.

the ability to cop out and let other people choose

accepting I don't stand a chance.

still no rejection letter from the publisher. At this point I assume I either missed it or they simply didn't bother to send one. Either way, I'm OK.

sneakers, crutches, mag lights, ace bandages, and Tylenol to help me on a very long journey.

flawed humans and redemptions.

Pastor Ken notes.

Sundays. Church in the morning, and afternoons spent photo editing & reading Genesis. I love Sundays.

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