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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 196 - Doors

Today I'm grateful for:

having a door. Dude, this is epic green goodness.

having an office. I'm no longer the monkey in a glass cage. I get to eat my eats in private.

Julie. Julie is here and she is even better than advertised. Her and I are going to rock this joint

bidding the demon phone farewell. It's now Julies problem. Well, all but 1 hour a day. We had to promise her a lunch hour to make her like us. Whatever it takes dude.

date night with the man. He is taking me back to the fountain. Epic pictures to follow (get your mind out of the gutter Lisa)

being able to breathe. With Julie here I can complete a thought, a task, a breath. She is my superhero. She has yet to pick her cape color but I have given her the yellow sharpie.

Andy Stanley Podcasts.


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