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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day 195 - Back to Basics - Repeated

*sighs, no time no time, must work, overworked superhero in da hooooouse! BUT I will take the time to remind myself of what I have to be grateful for. I'll just have to return to basics for awhile.*

Today I'm grateful for:

taking the time. Gratitude will get me through.

my man. He loves me beyond measure and actively proves it every single day.

my job. To have a job is a blessing, to have a job you love is a supreme blessing, to have a boss like mine is a blessing that can't be measured.

prayer on the fly. God don't care where I do it or how I do it, only that I do it. I did it, he answered in spades

the Pixie coming home in 2.5 days. I miss her like mad! This little taste of the empty nest has brought me to a conclusion. I'm keeping this one. *puts foot down*

not getting lost. I had to drive to the other side of the tracks in the predawn darkness. I didn't get lost. Miracles DO happen

boss 1. Given what we are going through, she not only accepted my being 1/2 hour late, she understood and sympathized.

Julie. The is the new receptionist boss 1 hired. She is awesomeness in receptionist form. She is MY superhero. She and I are going to rock this joint. Once her old boss lets her loose *sharpens sporks* I may have to go all Spork Ninja on that woman.

photographing the firehouse. It's an awesome white washed old Spanish mission style building with beautiful wrought iron accents. I pass it on the way home each day and wish I could stop and photograph it. Today I stop.

well behaved puppies. Roy slept with us last night. He was a good boy. It was nice to roll over in the dark and hear his tale thump on the mattress and feel his cold nose on my palm.

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