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Friday, July 9, 2010


"You have LOST Yo mind?!"
~The Alien Hamster~

What did the hamster say to the Superhero?

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHA! I am beyond busy. Don't have time to breathe but I'm still smiling and I'm still grateful so there! *swirls lime green cape of power & flourishes hot pink sharpie of charm*

Today I'm grateful for:

hamsters on boogie boards. I'd forgotten about these photos. My cousin Tara took them. When I opened them I knew it was the universe returning one of the smiles I gave out just when I needed it most.

cousin plans with maybe a surprise of an Aunty and Uncle encounter. I'm beyond excited!

sunrise at the beach with Tara.

beginners yoga. Perhaps it can help me work off some of this weeks tension.


hamster forgiveness. He ate my rug last night. I didn't take it well which made him pee on my floor. I didn't take that well either. He forgave me.

my man. He watched it all and said nothing. He is more than just a pretty face. 

Julie. She is the receptionist over at the "other" office and she rocks! Once she moves over to this office we are going to be the Dynamic Duo! We've decided her cape is yellow and I've given her the yellow sharpie of happiness and my cape is lime green and I have the hot pink sharpie of charm. Together there is no freak we can't handle, no owner we can't turn! *strikes her best superhero pose*!v=9Q9LCv6vzv4&feature=related

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