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Monday, July 5, 2010

Day 186 - Promotion, Pay Raise and a Door!

“Two-thirds of promotion is motion”


So, I go on vacation, I'm gone a full week. Upon my return I get promoted, a raise and a real office with a door and everything. Hmmmmm, wonder what I'll get when I return from D.C. in August?

So, as of July 1 I became Boss 3. I am the maintenance/office manager Superhero and I've traded in the purple cape of wonder for the lime green cape of power. I've upgraded the sharpie too. It's now hot pink and itching to be flourished. I have a new office, with REAL doors and 3 windows and a leather chair that looks like a thrown and is as slick as a slip and slide. When wearing pantyhose & booty dancing. I'm gonna end up on the floor under my desk. *makes a mental note*

The raise is yet to be determined but given the debt to income ration up in this place, I'm not expecting much. If I could get $2 I'd pee with joy. OK, truth be known, if I get $.25 I'll be overjoyed. A raise is a raise is a raise. I find it a major blessing just to have a job.

So, since I've just returned from a week off to find I'm now one of the bosses, I must dig my way through this paper mountain Boss 1 and Boss 2 left. The new Receptionist starts Monday. It would be nice if I have her desk excavated by then don't'cha think?

Peace ~

Today I'm grateful for:

a pay raise. Even if I don't know how much.

a promotion. *swirls lime green cape of power and flourishes the hot pink sharpie of bossiness*

getting the "pretty" office. It's the only one with fresh white paint and not nasty dark wood paneling. I also have all the plants left alive.

having a DOOR! No more glass window with freak spawn face prints, freaks eyeing my lunch, and a demon phone. Total awesomeness.

God. Look what he can do

my man. His hair is fresh cut and his face is fresh shaved. My Mr. SmoovieSmoove is back in play. Booyah baby!

441 new photos to edit. 1/2 what I got last vacation. Oh well, I had twice the fun so it all evens out.

working out. Tomorrow morning I begin to remove the fluff I put on over the last week.

DVR. While we were away my pretty little black box with the blue light recorded all our favorite shows.

workin for a living. I got a job and an awesome one at that. How lucky am I?

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