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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day 212 - A Few of my Favorite Things

I must admit that while this week has been ghastly, I had time for some fun. Arriving in the office hours before anyone else gave me the opportunity to take some photos undisturbed. See, I kept my promise. I took some photos of my office just for you. I even share with you a rare glimpse of the Key Mountain. Soon to be eroded into nothing more than a bad memory.

I also took some After shots for Boss 1. I took some office photos for her about a year ago. Long before she ever thought she would buy another company and in doing so, leap into 2nd place for the largest Property Management company in Jacksonville. She did so in part due to the faith she had in her existing staff. I'm honored at the trust she put in me and will work as many double double shift as is required. I'll do it with gratitude and pride. It is, and will remain, A Great Day at Heth Realty.

See all the photos I took this week

After working a double double shift, eroding the Key Mountain and generally surviving a ghastly week, I thought I'd take a step back in the right direction and acknowledge that while this week was tough, I managed to discover a few of my favorite things hidden within it. So, I preempt our normal gratitude list to share a few with you. They are in no particular order. Assume the man and the Pixie are in the top 2 spots even though they are not shown.

Without further fanfare, may I present, a few of my favorite things:


One of my favorite things are geckos. I love stalking them. I love posing geckos. I love catching them in the evening when I'm walking the hamster. I love their English Accents.

The sky here in the south is firmly in my top 10. Day, night, storm, clear, sunrise, sunset, I simply love it. One of my favorite activities is photographing it. I simply never tire of God's light show.

I don't care what Interior Designers say, one of my favorite things are ceiling fans. Life in Florida would be harsh indeed without them. If designers don't want to be sporked, they better lay off my ceiling fans.

Another of my favorite things is this cross. It has hung in every home I've lived in since I married the first time in 1980. Even when the cross had no meaning for me I loved THIS cross's simple beauty. It was given to me by Tom & Barbara Jordan. Friends of my parents and neighbors of my childhood. I'm afraid I never thanked them for their beautiful gift. So I send a thank you out into the universe in hopes that it finds them.

I find it interesting how my favorite things seem to congregate in one area of the house. I choose to believe that it's the universe giving me soft hugs and not that I'm a lazy slob.

Now I turn one of my favorite things over to my favorite person. He wants to play poker and watch golf. Given his week was worse than mine, I'm going to let him win this one.

I'm off to make abstract art with pineapple rings and maraschino cherries for the bottom top bottom (?) of a Pineapple Upside Down Cake.

Peace ~

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