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Friday, July 30, 2010

Day 211 - Express it

Yeah, I feel ya Roy

See the look on the hamsters face in this photo? Well that's pretty much the face I've had on for the last few weeks. I feel like someone threw me in a pool fully dressed and now all I can smell is wet dog.

Let me assure you, through this trial time, I've been grateful. In fact, I've rather surprised myself. I am grateful and connected. Praise the Lord I have not been in a bi-polar storm through this mess. I would have lost my freakin mind and most likely my man. Gratefully, I've managed to learn and grow and thus far, I've only had one major chemical breakdown when a guy told me what I could do with my tow-truck. *shrugs* Well he had it coming anyway.

This trial is far from over and the one thing I've lost is the time to express fully the gratitude I feel for the lessons learned, the patience discovered, the support generated, the team built, the friendships deepened and the strength of character I didn't know I possessed. While I have to reach over a pile of keys and general office fodder to do it, I'm going to take the time and just do it.

I hope your life is less chaotic than mine, but should you be swimming in the chaos ocean with me, I hope you are as blessed as I am. Oh, and when the sharks get to close, a good rubber band fight is a great distraction.

Peace ~

Today I'm grateful for:

unwarranted calm. Sometimes during the day I step outside myself and watch as I deal with the chaos of the day and think "When the hell did I learn to do that?"

God. He renewed my mind and spirit and in the process changed my perspective and my actions. Dude, that's epic right there.

my man. He is as over worked and sleep deprived as I am. In fact, he may have it worse. The fact that we are both going through work trials at the same time really sucks but you know what? I would not want to go through this with anyone else. Coming home to him, no matter how late, is the best part of my day.

moo cards. Boss 1 let me order my business cards from They are the most radical business cards ever. I even got to use two of my own photos. They freakin rock man! And everyone in the office is jealous. Not that I care about such things mind you }:)

besting the key mountain. Remember that file cabinet that thew up on my desk? Well now a mountain of keys has sprung up atop that. Seems when when Boss 1 said to the owner of the company she bought A FREAKIN MONTH AGO "I want what I need to operate MY company by tomorrow or I will see you in court" the previous owner decided to retaliate by placing all 500 keys 1/2 in a Wal-Mart bag & have in a Fed-Ex box labeled with nothing but a numbered key tag. I have to pull a key, one at a time, from the mountain, refer to the "Key Chart" (bless you Julie!) to find the address, look in our database to see if it's occupied, vacant or MIA, label it properly, then file it correctly. I've been doing this now for about 18 hours. I'm not through the keys there were in the Wal-Mart bag and I still have the Fed-Ex box to go. But you know what? The mountain is shrinking so I'll wallow in gratitude and not let the Ex-Boss win.

The man turned me on to this song.
It just feels appropriate somehow

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  1. wow-i've been so blog absent I had no idea... and yet you find a way to be optimistic. Which doesn't surprise me. The keys?...gahhhhh.