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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day 199 - Wilbur goes to Church

Today I'm grateful for:

Wilbur. Yup, I did it. I up and named the loaner. I hear you asking "Why the heck??" Well I'll tell ya. Do you know of the old TV show "Mr. Ed"? It was about a talking horse and his owner Wilbur. Everyone thought Mr. Ed was the brains of that operation. He would make fun of poor, disrespected Wilbur. But the truth is, Mr. Ed was...Well, Just a talking horse. Wilbur was the true smarts and was regularly getting the horse out of messes of his own creation. That's Wilbur. He makes me look like I know what I'm doing.

Wilbur going to Church with me today. Ms. Amy wanted some photos. Thanks to Wilbur's ability to take high ISO photos with virtually no pixilation I was able to take over 200 usable photos for her use. Oh, and I got this REALLY cool photo of the coolest looking spider I've ever seen! "Take a photo of a spider web" was on my photo goals list. thanks to Wilbur, I can now cross that one off. 


Spontaneous invitations. We were invited to an impromptu BBQ at the brother-in-law's house. Best visit I've had with my Sister-in-law in a year. Now I remember why I call her my wife. Even Roy was invited. He loves his cousins.

Church. When I'm at church I'm at peace. That's not to say it's the only place I feel at peace, it's not. But there is something about that place. I remember growing up and feeling like church was a place to get away from. The entire time I was at church I was wondering "is it time to go home yet" At this church I never have that feeling. In fact, when I'm away, I wonder "When can I go back?"

Sundays. I think I forgot to tell you they were my favorite day of the week. No, honest, they are!

a very special trust. Pastor Hal loaned me a book. It called "The Bible Knowledge Commentary". It's a trust in my commitment to reading and comprehending the Bible. It's from Pastor Ken's personal collection. When Pastor Hal told me this I nearly burst into grateful tears on the spot. But you know, I have a rep to keep. I had to maintain my street cred. I simply said thank you.

3 people giving me the same advice. "Beth, stop thinking of them as hero's and see them as an adult. They were human and they were flawed. Only Jesus was perfect" This is going to help me immensely. I need to stop seeing Noah as the hero of my childhood stories and realize he was as flawed as I am. He and Abraham and Lot and his daughters, all human, all flawed. Yet they managed to do something great. They managed to lead God touched lives. Instead of thinking "Why them?" I can start thinking "Why not me?"

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